A Personal Touch: Making YOUR Wedding YOU


In the age of Pinterest and endless wedding blogs, there’s no shortage of ideas out there to piece together the wedding you always dreamed of.  From the floral arrangments to the bridesmaid dresses to even signature cocktails, it’s all one click away.

So as you plan out your wedding….how do you make sure your wedding doesn’t turn into a smorgasbord (love that word BTW) of ideas that fail to have YOUR personal touches?  Besides, this is YOUR wedding…shouldn’t it scream YOU? 


Going the traditional route is always the safe choice.  Nothing wrong with that.  But there’s also nothing wrong with having a little fun either!  We love this idea of turning your invitation into a movie premier poster.  Why not?  It’s fun, it’s clever and you KNOW the intended recipient is going to read it all!

Four-Legged Family

If you’ve noticed a trend with WedPics, WE LOVE ANIMALS!  And if it can be pulled off, we absolutely love the idea of including your pet(s) in your wedding.  From ring bearer to “best dog” to reception clean up duty, there’s no role your dog won’t fully embrace with a wagging tail!  He or she has ridden the roller coaster of life with you, it’s only appropriate that they are there to share your most important day!

And think of the photo opportunities!


The Cake

We don’t know of an official rule book that says a wedding cake has to be white, do you?  Your Wedding Cake is a great opportunity to add a personal touch.  Perhaps you’re an artist…then why not a Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ cake?  Or even a cake with personal photos of you and your spouse throughout the years?  And of course, you could always have your favorite poem hand piped around your cake!

So now you can have your cake and eat it too…or smash it in your spouse’s face when the time comes!


The Guest “Book”

A momento you will treasure forever.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a book per say.  Are you both muscians?  Consider a guitar for guests to sign.  An artist?  How about a large blank canvas and paint brushes for guests.   Or you could provide 2-3 inch stones for guests to write individual messages to you.  At home, plant a bush or tree symbolizing your marriage and use the stones for landscaping!


Party Favors

Send your guests off with something they’ll remember.  From SmoreKits to ToGo bags of Boiled Peanuts to perhaps your favorite dessert baked into a mason jar, there are plenty of personal but affordable ideas out there to send your guests home happy!


Other “personal touch” ideas:

Photo Table Runner
Football (or other ball Garter toss)
Accessorizing Your Groomsment/Bridesmaid Attire
Fun & Games

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