5 Resolutions That Will Make You a Better Man & Groom in 2014


We’ll be the first to admit that too often we get caught up  speaking exclusively to our female-bride audience and unfortunately our male-groom audience gets the short end of the stick.   And that’s going to change.   We’re happy to announce that once a week, we’ll be featuring fantastic content from our good friends over at  – The No B.S. Guide for Grooms and Groomsmen.  Check them out!

5 Resolutions That Will Make You a Better Man & Groom in 2014


Cancel your gym membership for an outdoor adventure. The gluttonous period between Thanksgiving and Christmas regularly culminates with the half-attempted resolution to be healthier in the New Year. But instead of shelling out monthly dues for a gym membership you’ll only use a handful of times, take up an outdoor adventure with your bride-to-be, your groomsmen, or hell, just by yourself. Mountain biking. Rock climbing. Kayaking. Whatever gets your sweet potato casserole filled ass outside and active.

Pick a drink of choice and stick to it.  Whether it’s a dry martini, a glass of Malbec or a pint of seasonal lager from your local brewery, you’ve reached the pinnacle in life when asked “What’s your favorite type of alcohol?” , you shouldn’t respond with something like “ugh, whatever is the cheapest beer on tap?”

Put your damn phone away at dinner. Imagine the anarchy that would ensue if you actually kept your iPhone tucked away throughout the entire duration of consuming a meal? Would a resurrected Steve Jobs mysteriously appear and hunt you through the restaurant until you positioned your phone exactly five inches away from your dinner plate? We bet this won’t happen so answer that email when you’re finished with dessert.

Read Lone Survivor before you see the movie. Before this blockbuster hits theatres in early January, spend a few days over this holiday season to read this outstanding piece of literature about true heroism and gallantry in some of the most terrifying circumstances.

Plant something. Pretty easy, right? Well this resolution doesn’t stop after you’ve purchased some random Home Depot greenery and dropped it in a hole in your backyard. In fact, it includes the inheirent responsibility that you’re agreeing to maintain the health and welfare of a living thing. Sounds like good practice for say, marriage.

Cheers Gents.


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