WedPics Wedding App – How To Invite Your Guests


So you’ve created your WedPics account for your wedding…now what?  It’s time to start inviting guests to participate.  A WedPics account without guests is, well….not very useful.  Your guests are the ones taking these pictures and WedPics is the way to get them all into one, convenient location. Here are the tools we provide you to have a memorable and enjoyable WedPics Album: Read more

WedPics Wedding App New Feature: Gift Registries

We’re excited to announce our latest iOS update that now includes the addition of Gift Registries!  Having a single digital location for all of your wedding information is a must-have in 2014.  So now, not only is all of your wedding information like Events, Accommodations & Gift Registries available at your wedding page, it’s all available in the app too!

* We’re working around the clock to bring you the same feature for all Android devices!  Coming very soon!

To add your gift registry in the app, Read more

13 Things You Will Eventually Realize While Planning Your Wedding

1) You will
feel crazy. As in certifiable.  Are you actually going crazy? Probably. Will it still be the best day ever?


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2) Eloping is going to start to sound REALLY appealing at some point.  Especially after your  10-year old cousin decides she MUST have a vegan meal even though you already placed the order with the catering company.  Grrr. Read more