An Elegant Way To Get Guests To Use WedPics Wedding App


With any wedding app, half the battle is getting guests to participate.  WedPics provides many tools you can use to get your guests on board!

WedPics Bride Jamie Shanks used some of these tools and added her own personal touch!  So classy and elegant!

As Jaime describes getting guests to use WedPics,

“Each wine glass had a WedPics invite card behind the name tag.  I had the WedPics scavenger hunt framed and placed on each table!   I offered a $25 gift card at the wedding for the 1st person to get all of the pics on the scavenger hunt loaded to my wedpics app!!”

Jaime even incorporated WedPics into her uber-creative Wedding Invitations so wedding guests would download the app beforehand.

“I made them with magnets in the back so they could be hung on a refrigerator. Everyone  just loved how I used WedPics” said Jaime.

As a result, Jaime and her husband ended up with hundreds and hundreds of photos in their WedPics albums!

A HUGE “THANK YOU” to Jaime for sharing with us!  And congrats on getting married!


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