Because The Meal Matters: How To Choose A Qualified Caterer For Your Wedding

find a qualified caterer

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of details that really only matter most to the bride and groom. The dress, bridal party color scheme, first dance selection, and all the custom choices that set the mood and vibe of the entire day are all part of every couple’s unique style and taste. Ultimately, these details really only have to please the couple themself, with one distinctive exception; the food. Yes, brides and grooms certainly have carte blanch freedom to choose a particular menu based on their palette preferences. However, the final collective spread has to be great to ensure that guests feel appreciated, celebrated and, well, full!

Finding A Great Caterer Can Prove Easy – If You Know What To Look For

With so much emphasis put on the food during your big day, it’s critical to find a qualified caterer that has the talent you need to create the menu you envision as well as the experience required to execute on a grand scale for all of your guests. Knowing what to look for (and what to ask!) when you meet with potential caterers can ensure that you find the perfect vendor that will have your guests raving about the meal long after you’ve said your “I Do’s.”

Always inquire about:

Licensing: Find out if your prospective vendor holds a current license; this means that the company has met health code requirements and holds liability insurance – a major must for any couple going through the process. Remember to always ask about alcohol licensing as well if your reception will be serving adult beverages.

Food Specialties: Most culinary artists specialize in a specific type of fare. Find out up front what your potential caterer is best at; it will help quickly streamline your options if you have a particular menu genre in mind.

Periphery Requirements: Chairs, silverware and linens are just some of the many dining accessories you may need for your guests during the meal. Always confirm with your venue in advance what is and is not included in your contract, and ensure that your chosen caterer can fill in the needed gaps – otherwise your guests may find themselves eating more than just the finger foods with their hands!

Pre-Event Tasting: Every reputable caterer will offer a sampling of various dishes; not only will it help you dream up your final menu, but it will deliver the peace of mind you need that your wedding cuisine will meet and exceed guests’ expectations.

Ready with your list of questions and expectations, but still just don’t know where to start? No problem. Chances are you personally know some recently married couples. Ask them for their recommendations. If you loved the food at their reception, their referrals are the best vendors to call first. Of course, if their meals weren’t very memorable, you’ll also have an updated list of caterers to avoid at all costs – a wedding win/win no matter what!

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