Blushing Bride or Bridezilla?


Post by Kaja Rush-Taylor; WedPics Blogger


Admit it ladies, whether you are a bride-to-be or you have already walked down the aisle, you have asked yourself if you are/were the dreaded Bridezilla.

Planning a wedding brings out the good, the bad and the ugly, and truthfully, it can be one of the most stressful events you will ever put together. That is lot of pressure.  It is a lot to take in and at times, we blow up at those we love or even merciless kick a bridesmaid out of your wedding party!  Unless you plan on going to city hall to avoid all the drama, here are a few tips to help avoid those scary situations:

Stay Organized:

If you can, give yourself at LEAST a year for wedding planning.  If you can’t, be prepared to make some sacrifices.  Many wedding vendors & venues are booked out a full year in advance!   A wedding binder is an amazing way to stay organized.  Start simple and build it up:  make a list of all the things you MUST have and put them in order of importance.  You may not have enough time to get everything you want, like flying doves in tuxedos or a David-esque ice sculpture of you and your fiancé.  Focus on those items that are an absolute necessity, and if time & money remains, have at the small details!


DIY or Not:

The DIY fad has officially taken over and rightfully so!  Doing projects at home saves you a LOT of money but the tradeoff is TIME . Don’t get me wrong, I was on the DIY band wagon for my wedding and all of my  projects turned out perfect, but I had a small wedding that did not require me to create hundreds of each item.  If you go the DIY route, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT!  Once you perfect the craft, begin mass production!  Also, beware of indulgent projects;  be sure to choose DIY projects that aren’t going to cost you more money AND time than it would to simply order it!


Whether it is your family, the in-laws or the wedding party, there WILL be some degree of drama at some point.  You cannot please everyone, so pick your battles wisely!  If your mother in-law wants you to have white flowers instead of cream, that might be a concession worth conceding. If your mother wants you to wear her vintage wedding dress but you have your heart set on a Vera Wang, explain to your mom why you want your own dress but consider having a photo shoot done in your mother’s dress…it could even be fun!  When it comes to your bridesmaids’ dresses, try to be cognizant of budget constraints on them.  Ask any bride and there’s usually going to be some drama when it comes to bridesmaids attire…just expect it and plan accordingly!


Last but not Least…

Enjoy your big day! Your maid of honor is your maid of honor for a reason…you’ve both enjoyed and endured many of life’s ups and downs together.   And your wedding day is no different.  Let her know you need her now more than ever!  Have her handle the details you can’t deal with!   You are marrying the love of your life, don’t let the petty,material things outweigh the single reason why you’re getting married:  to celebrate marrying the man of your dreams!   Just remember this day is about you and your fiancé, and after it is all over, no one will remember what color flowers you had or if you didn’t have flying doves in tuxedos.  They will see remember the abundance of love that made encompassed your wedding and that in itself, is what it’s all about!  Good luck!


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