Choosing A Wedding Location

Post by Katie Rogers

 One of the first decisions you must make as an engaged couple is where you are going to get married. Some couples may be absolutely certain, some may have no idea, and some may change their minds along the way – that was certainly the case for me!

You have many options as to where to get married – in fact, you have the entire world! But it is important you choose what is right for you, the engaged couple. You can go the traditional route and get married in the bride’s hometown; you can get married in the groom’s hometown; you can get married where you met; you can get married where you live now; you can hop on a flight and get married in on a gorgeous beach or in the snow capped mountains. Best of all, you can get married wherever suits your needs.

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Things to consider:


The ease of planning – Planning a wedding is very stressful! There are countless decisions to be made, everyone has (or sometimes doesn’t have) an opinion, and it all has to come together to form a beautiful and cohesive event. The closer you are to the action – even if you choose to hire a wedding planner – the easier it is to plan!


Ease of travel for guests
– How far are you willing to ask your guests to travel? It costs a lot of money for guests to attend a wedding, keep the costs of travel in mind. If your guests cannot afford the costs of travel, are you willing to help? Will there be guests who are unable to travel due to job responsibilities or health concerns? How important is it that they can make it to be part of your special day?


The vibe you want for your special day – It is your special day. What is the vibe you and your special someone would like for your wedding day and where must you go to achieve that? Are there any religious restrictions to where you get married? Prefer something more exotic and less formal?  Do you envision your wedding having a specific theme?  Keep all of these things in mind when choosing your location!


I began planning my dream wedding from over 700 miles away. The venue was my dream location on a lake in the Adirondack Mountains at a summer camp (I met my Mr. while working at a summer camp.) The ease of travel was not too awful for my guests with a four-hour drive, while my fiancé and I would be traveling about fourteen hours. But the planning was by no means easy. Planning a wedding from so far away became what I saw as impossible. I quickly changed my mind and lost out a little on the vibe and ease of travel for my guests with a win for ease of planning.

You are never going to please everyone. You are going to have to make compromises. But, at the end of the day you should to get married wherever it is perfect for you and your love. Remember, it is one of the happiest days of your lives, and the first day of your lives as husband and wife.

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