For The Groom: Inexpensive Upgrades to Transform Your Wedding Attire

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade the wedding day attire for your groomsmen, or just yourself, we’ve got you covered with these inexpensive options.

Outspoken Groom Decree: come wedding day leave no pocket behind. Companies like General Knot and Squared Aweigh offer numerous pocket square pattern and design options for you and your groomsmen. Don’t worry about having a perfectly symmetrical fold in your pocket square though. It looks better when just a little disorderly.

Unless you wear a Rolex or Panerai on a daily basis, and if so you’re probably a pompous douche, opt for a casual watch like the Timex Weekender with interchangeable straps. Remember, your wedding day is supposed to be relaxed and fun.

Okay, so maybe not suitable for those boardroom meetings with your senior partner, but colorful laces are a simple and economical way to make any pair of dress shoes stand out. Just remember, when replacing your wingtip’s original laces for something bright, stick to a dark, solid dress sock. You don’t need to look like Willy Wonka.

Believe it or not, you can probably wear suspenders without looking like Larry King or Bill Lumbergh…under two conditions. One, only if you have a slim and slender build, otherwise it just looks like you couldn’t find a belt long enough to fit. Two, always remember that opposites attract. A striped or patterned shirt looks best with solid colored suspenders, and vise versa.

Cheers Gents.


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