Get Up, Get Up, Get on The Floor

The one thing you really can’t control at a wedding is whether or not your guests will get up on the dance floor. What if no one dances? Will people have fun? How do you facilitate fun in the first place? At the same time, the more people you get dancing, the more fun everyone will have! A wedding reception is, afterall, a celebration of two people beginning a new life together!

So the goal is to get as many “squares” out of their seats and onto the dance floor! All too often at weddings, there is a 30-40 minute delay from when the music starts to when people hit the floor and start to boogie. Here are some tricks to change that!

Trick #1 The Faux Group Photo 

For this one you’ll need to have your photographer and DJ work together. After everyone is done eating. Announce that you want to do a group photo of everyone in the wedding out on the dance floor. Have the photographer gather everyone in the center of the floor, take three photos, and on the third photo start the music. Now you’ve got everyone on the floor with music playing! You’ve tricked them, and it usually works!

Trick #2 Do Not Underestimate The Power of Line Dancing! 

Ask your DJ to play group dances and line dances. In certain parts of the country this of course of works better. There are of course the classics like the electric slide, conga line, or two-steppers, but if you really want to get people moving, try The Wobble. Also don’t feel afraid to ask the dj to try more traditional dance styles, like swing or blues dance.

Trick #3 Play the Romantic Card

Once the father-daughter and the married couple dance is over. Have the DJ ask all the couples to come up for a slow dance. This is a good way to get seniors up on stage who may not feel comfortable with the modern bump and grind melodies of today. But once that song is over, go right into disco!

Trick #4 Create a Dance Commander 

Ask one of the groomsman, preferable the most charismatic one, to go around asking all the older ladies to dance. Trust me on this one, if you want people on the dance floor, this one works like a charm 😉


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