Green Friendly Wedding: Get Married, Have Fun, Save the Earth!

Ideally, everyday we should strive to do what it takes to save & preserve Mother Earth.  Realistically, much easier said than done.  When it comes to your Wedding, there are plenty of ways to make your special day “Green”.

 1)  Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations – Paper. Paper. Paper. Millions and millions of trees.  If this is a sacrifice you’re willing to make, we first suggest ditching the paper invitation all together and going with a more eco-friendly alternative: using websites like Glö or even Evite.  If the paper invitations are a must-have, explore different companies that provide invites on 100% recycled material.  One of our favorites is…they offer hundreds of beautiful and classy designs while staying Green.

2)  Ditch the Disposable Cameras –  Archaic, yes, but people still opt to go the way of distributing disposable cameras to guests.  Say it with us….DISPOSABLE.  Meaning, use & toss.  Not exactly eco-friendly.  If looking to capture those candid moments from your guests, try using a wedding photosharing app like WedPics for your wedding instead.  People are all about their smartphones these days and are more likely to take pictures with their iPhones & Androids before traditional cameras.  Save the hassle of chasing down your guests’ photos and save a tree at the same time!

3) The Food – Go Organic, Go Local. Look for a caterer who uses locally grown food.   Food needs less time spent in the refrigerator (electricity) and less packaging is used to keep it fresh.   Ultimate goal: Less electricity used, less fuel used to transport it and less trash created from packaging.  And it’s HEALTHIER!

4)  Green Wedding Favors – Instead of giving favors that essentially detract from natural resources, why not give something that gives back to our environment?  We love the idea of giving a tree seedling for your guests to plant.  Your guests will be able to grow their own love and memories from your big day.  Awwww.


5)  The Reception:  Let’s take this party outside!  Opting to go with an indoor reception obviously results in more energy consumption through all the electricity used for lights, cooling & heating.  Another eco-friendly wedding option to think about is the music.  If fitting, entertain the idea of ditching the plugged-in band or DJ (electricity) and opt for more acoustic-style alternatives.

Going green for your wedding does involve making some sacrifices.  It’s not for everybody.  But by using just ONE of the options above, your wedding can have a positive impact on keeping our Earth thriving.  What better way to start off this new chapter in your life!



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