How To Choose Wedding Shoes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue- oh, and don’t the shoe! Choosing your wedding shoes may seem like a trivial task in comparison to the other items on your ever-growing wedding to do list, but nothing can ruin your wedding day fun as swiftly as sore feet. Prevent both painful blisters and buyer’s remorse with the following tips.

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1. Brainstorm: Needless to say, there are countless wedding shoe styles- stilettos, low heels, white shoes, brightly colored shoes- the list goes on. Think about your dream shoe style, but be sure to incorporate practical thinking into your decision: are you walking across cobblestone to enter your reception venue? Tying the knot in a sandy area? Plan accordingly.

2. Get inspired: Once you have a general idea of the shoe style that you want to don on your special day, seek visual inspiration. Browse bridal magazines and note the options that jump out at you. Search Pinterest and pin your favorite looks to a wedding shoe board. Crowdsource your shoe-finding mission by making your bridesmaids collaborators on your Pinterest board and allowing them to add photos (be sure to add details about your ideal shoes in the board description so that everyone is on the same page style-wise).

3. Get feedback but trust your gut: Remember that Pinterest board we mentioned? Ask your bridesmaids to help you decide by liking and commenting on your pins. Shoot out an email with a photo of your top two favorite pair of shoes and ask for votes. Use WedPics to capture images and monitor feedback. But most importantly, trust your gut- if you love a pair of shoes, don’t let anyone else sway you.

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4. Buy: Time to buy those wedding shoes! If you’re shopping online, look for companies that offer free return shipping in case you need to buy a different size or style. Use the Invisible Hand Chrome Extension, which automatically finds cheaper places to buy your item online.


5. Get back ups: No matter how comfortable or well-designed, heels are heels and inevitably wear on your feet (no pun intended). Buy white satin Fit in Clouds wedding flats for you (and maybe even a pair of the rollable flats for each of your bridesmaids) to change into after the ceremony and photos end and the reception commences. Bonus: Fit in Clouds can dye the flats based on your wedding colors!

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