How To Not Lose Your Mind When Planning A Wedding


How to not lose your mind when planning your wedding 

By Katie Rogers

I have fallen off the face of the Earth in many forms lately. Why you ask? I am incredibly overwhelmed by my wedding. I always thought “I don’t understand what the big deal is,” and “I’m not going to be one of those crazy brides, I’ll be fine!” But it hit me, and it hit me hard. After a weekend at the beach I realized a few things about planning a wedding: it’s a lot to take on, there are about one hundred decisions to make every day, and it’s near impossible to do it on your own.

I am not going to promise you won’t feel overwhelmed during your wedding planning if you take my advice, but I do promise it will ease some of your stress.

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Get organized

Weddings are big events with many components and moving parts. Keep a notebook to make lists, a binder to store contracts and ideas, and a calendar with deadlines. If your techy, check out the various wedding planning apps out there. Organization will make or break your stress levels and the flow of your special day.

Get help

You cannot plan your wedding alone. And your future Mr. or Mrs. does not count as another person. It takes a village to raise a child and a village to plan a wedding. Enlist family members, friends, hire a planner. Recruit outside eyes to help in making all of those decisions. Bring in your crafty friends, your organized sister, and your “can-do spirit” aunt. If there is room in the budget, hire an expert! They are a part of the industry and can help find the best vendors and keep you on track to planning your big day.


Take a break!

Step away from the wedding. Just. Put. It. Down.  If all you eat, sleep, and breathe is wedding, you will lose your cool..and your mind.  I know it’s not always possible to take too much time off because you may be planning your wedding within months of the big day. Make time – one night a week, no planning during the week, take a week off. Take time away from the decisions, the crafting, the site visits, everything. You’ll be a much happier!

Moving forward

After I spent an entire weekend at the beach away from all things wedding, except of course my loving fiancé, I feel so refreshed and ready to take on some more tasks. I am asking those who have offered to help to do so, instead of just saying “I’ve got it covered!”  I am taking the folders of contracts and lists, and organizing them even better. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times, but it does not have to be so much to the point where it consumes your every thought!  Planning your wedding should be fun and enjoyable, otherwise the day may not be either!  Take a deep breath, take a break and realize, your wedding day will be perfect no matter what!  Good luck!

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