Planning Your Winter Wedding

Let’s face it.. there are so many things that could go wrong in ANY wedding.. let alone a winter one.  If you’ve planned your special day to fall in the months of January or February, there’s a chance you’ll be facing extreme temperatures, icy roads, frigid winds, and if it’s around the holidays.. bad traffic.  But don’t worry!  With a little planning, your wedding can be a retreat from the winter blues, especially for those guests coming from afar!

Create An Ambiance           

You’ve likely had your dress colors picked out for months! But don’t forget to use additional color throughout your reception hall to create a warm and cozy environment. Consider using deep, neutral tones throughout your space.  It will help your bridal colors stand out, and provide a retreat from the snow-covered landscape outside.  Use candlelight whenever possible!  Their warm glow provides just enough lighting for your space, while the constant flicker simulates that of a fireplace.









Plan for the Weather!

Whether coming from across town, or across the country, your guests may have to face fierce weather conditions.  For some, this could be the difference between a great day and a stressful one.  Your job is to plan ahead and make it as easy as possible for them to attend your ceremony and reception.  Give directions of multiple routes when traveling from the church, to a luncheon, to the reception space. You never know if that unanticipated snowstorm could close roads, cause backups, etc.  Salt your sidewalks!  You’d be surprised how many brides forget to salt from the parking lot to the entryway of your wedding spaces.  Lastly, have cabs waiting after the reception.  There’s nothing worse than driving through a snowstorm while in a place you’re unfamiliar with!

Go the Extra Mile

It truly is the little things that can makes guests happy and help them have a memorable experience.  Have warm drinks ready at the reception entrance, a spiced cider, coffee, or hot cocoa will do!  Continue this drink service after dinner to encourage guests to stay.  Place reminder signs on all reception entrances and exits, ensuring guests close doors completely.   Go the extra mile and have a few blankets just in case!  You are sure to have a few guests chilled even at your warm reception.















* Photos by Mary Dougherty Photography

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