Second Wedding Dress – “Gown” The Road Again

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I’m what I refer to as a “repeat bride.” People seem impressed that I’m not overwhelmed with the planning this time around….and I’m not.  “This ain’t my first rodeo.” Honestly, the most difficult aspect of preparing for the wedding this time was choosing my wedding dress.

Before I go on, let me be perfectly clear about something: Whether you’re getting married for the second, third, or umpteenth time, if you want that big white princess dress with a cathedral veil, you go for it. It is your wedding day, no matter what, and you deserve to be the bride you want to be!

As for me, though, I don’t feel comfortable going the traditional white route this time around. The first time I got married, I was 25; now, I’m almost 40 and the mom of a middle-schooler. I definitely want to look like a bride, I just don’t necessarily need to be “all dressed in white.” After researching alternative options, I’ve decided on my perfect vision and chosen my gown (but as my wedding is just a few weeks away, in the interest of avoiding spoilers, I’ll just say that it’s represented by one of the styles below).  🙂


1. Champagne is gorgeous on many skin tones.


2. Add a splash (or more) of color to a traditional white dress.


3. Go bold and bright with silver or gold.


4. Put a classy spin on classic with a black and white gown.


5. Your gown can represent a culture or theme that’s special to you.

6. Finally, if you’ve got the legs, by all means, show them off!


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