Tactfully Managing Technology in Your Wedding


Jet-lagged, distracted, and struggling to put on a tuxedo, I’m running a beta test for our company’s new app, WedPics, at a real wedding. iPhone in hand, I’m snapping pictures of my fellow groomsmen’s abortive efforts to properly fasten bow ties. I’ve worked as a wedding photographer on a number of occasions, but professional photos don’t often capture the frenzied pace and casual drama of a wedding.

Weddings are naturally complex events: one lone photographer can only capture a fraction of the action, no matter how good he or she is. Smart phones make it easy for guests to capture parts of the wedding that would otherwise vanish from memory. On that weekend in August, I did my best to help my best friends capture their special day. The issue is extra technology can add extra stress, but only if you let it.

Increasingly, couples have come to rely on the technological accoutrements of the information age to capture as many facets of their special day as possible. Companies like MarryMeLive, Registry Love, SnapKnot, Wedding Lovely, and WedPics have used technology to make the wedding process easier. Now, everyone can capture their special day, tell their story, and share it with the people who matter most. Technology offers many wonderful things: at the wedding I was at, they even Skyped in a grandparent who couldn’t make the trip.

Still, fancy new apps are not supposed to detract from the ceremony. At the wedding I went to, the bride and groom asked everyone to refrain from constantly posting pictures to Facebook. They asked the wedding guests to enjoy the ceremony and save the picture snapping for the reception.

At the end of the day, you should be focusing on the joy of getting married, not fretting over whether the embarrassing slideshow your mother made is going to work. Delegate the task of making sure the technology works to a trusted friend or relative who can be your “producer” for the event; the fancy title will make them feel important and you can focus on your big day.

I took photos of the rehearsal, the trip, and of the groomsmen’s shenanigans. Yes, there were shenanigans! These parts of the wedding were tons of fun, and I wanted the bride and groom to see them. Thanks to some sane ground rules on what to do during the ceremony, the technology elevated the experience without distracting from the wedding.

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