It Takes Two: A Newlywed’s Guide to Black Friday

Now that you’re married, you have a shopping partner for life. If you plan on heading out on Black Friday, you’ll definitely need the support of a caring partner, who can shield you from other frenzied shoppers or help you make a quick getaway when things get too crazy at the mall. Along with shopping for holiday gifts together, Black Friday is a great opportunity to find deals on the things your new home is missing. In 2012, nearly 80 percent of shoppers bought items for themselves over the shopping weekend, according to the National Retail Federation.


You might enjoy shopping on your own every other day of the year, but Black Friday is the day to bring your spouse along with you. Together, you can divide and conquer. Use your phones to stay in touch while you scour the store for the items on your list. Meet up back at the checkout line, where one of you can wait in line to pay, and the other can run out to the parking lot to get the car, so that you can quickly load the new purchases in and drive off to the next store.

Know What to Buy

Lots of items are marked down on Black Friday, but the shopping holiday isn’t the right time to buy just anything. If you have young nieces and nephews on your list, or a new baby, hold off on buying them toys until closer to Christmas. With the exception of this year’s Tickle Me Elmo or Wii U, Black Friday deals on toys aren’t typically anything to write home about. Instead, wait until two weeks before the big day to snap up any toy gifts.

If you didn’t get a waffle maker or fondue pot when you got married, your Black Friday shopping trip is the time to pick one up. Small kitchen appliances that don’t get much use are often marked down considerably on Black Friday, according to Fox Business. It’s also a great time to pick up any pots or pans missing from your collection or kitchen gear for other married or soon-to-be-married friends.

There’s an App for That

Use technology to find the best deals before Black Friday hits and on the day itself. Stores such as Macy’s will send you alerts about deals via text message. You can also download apps that deliver sales fliers and ads right to your smartphone, such as the Black Friday app from DealNews, available for Android and iPhone users. Another app, Shopkick, gives you rewards just for walking into certain stores, such as Old Navy or Target. Use the app before Black Friday to bank up rewards for the big day, or use it on Black Friday to earn bonus rewards as you shop.

Cozy Up and Stay Home

Shopping in person on Black Friday takes stamina and commitment. If you and your spouse aren’t big on shopping or don’t want to battle the crowds, you can still take advantage of the day’s deals. Stay in your pajamas and cuddle up on the couch with your laptop as you shop. According to Forbes, nearly 70 percent of in-store Black Friday deals also appeared online last year, at least for some part of the day. Enjoy newlywed bliss by getting your Black Friday shopping done from home.

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