The Music Debate: Choosing Between A DJ Or Band For Your Big Day

You’ve been down the aisle and you’re ready to celebrate!  How do you plan to party after your “I do’s” have been said?  Choosing the entertainment for your reception is one of THE biggest choices you have to make.  These days, DJ’s take the stage at most post-wedding celebrations, but bands are slowly making a comeback.  Which is right for you?

Find The PERFECT Wedding Band 

Having live music is a great way to celebrate on your wedding night.  Most wedding bands have special sets for the dinner portion of your reception, and then specialize in a certain “style” of music for getting the party started.  DON’T expect your wedding band to play all top 40 songs, or even the overplayed line dances you’re used to hearing.  The band you choose will be responsible for entertaining your guests with a limited number of songs.

The perfect band is out there, but you need to leave yourself time to find it!  Start your search 9 months before your big day.  Prices of live entertainment vary by the number of band members and the length of your reception.  Expect a 4 person band to cost you $800-$1,300 for a 4 hour party, and a 5-6 member group to cost between $1,500 and $2,000.  You may find a deal out there, but be sure to request a “live performance” DVD so you know exactly what you’re getting!

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Get Up, Get Up, Get on The Floor

The one thing you really can’t control at a wedding is whether or not your guests will get up on the dance floor. What if no one dances? Will people have fun? How do you facilitate fun in the first place? At the same time, the more people you get dancing, the more fun everyone will have! A wedding reception is, afterall, a celebration of two people beginning a new life together!

So the goal is to get as many “squares” out of their seats and onto the dance floor! All too often at weddings, there is a 30-40 minute delay from when the music starts to when people hit the floor and start to boogie. Here are some tricks to change that!

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