Modern Takes on Traditional Holiday Weddings


So you’re planning that picture-perfect holiday wedding, complete with all the festive colors of the season. It’s a fine line the bride must walk between inspired and cliche—don’t stumble off it on the most important day of your life. Incorporate subtle holiday hints instead of making the theme overwhelming. Here are a few tips:

A Wedding For Your Heart’s Delight

Forget the monochromatic red and pink Valentine’s day color scheme. Instead, take your inspiration from the spring arrangements created by professional florists—something like the ones you’ll see online in Valentine’s Day flowers from or other flower shops. These arrangements feature an abundance of colors, all representative of spring: purple, orange, peach, pink, yellow, red and palest cream. Pattern your wedding theme after the professionals and incorporate lively accents into your Valentine’s Day wedding.

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If you must have pink as a dominant color, opt for bridesmaid’s dresses of simple, sunny yellow, tied at the waist with pink sashes. Carry a presentation bouquet of orange, pink and yellow lilies to offset a form-fitting ivory gown.

A Wedding Not Haunted

If your first thoughts wrapped themselves around black and orange, take a step back and consider that it’s a decision that may “haunt” you the rest of your life.

Other colors represent Halloween just as well. Play up the harvest theme using beautiful Earth tones—muted shades of rust, gold, red and brown. Choose a gorgeous ivory gown and incorporate the flowers of fall into your bouquet: tiny sunflowers, colorful dahlias, zinnia or goldenrod. Go organic and carry a small, simple sheaf of wheat with one or two blooms tucked inside for color.

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Swathe your bridesmaids in flowing brown silk accented with red or rust adornments and shoes to match. Use brown or rust in your groomsmen’s vests.

If a harvest theme goes against your nature, choose more subtle versions of the traditional Halloween colors—gray instead of black and cinnamon in lieu of bright, blazing orange. Your ivory gown will work just as well against a wedding party outfitted in gray silk, and when you switch out your harvest bouquet for a simple clutch of pale pink peonies wrapped in gray ribbon, your Halloween wedding becomes a statement in elegance.

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A Classic Winter Wedding

Steer clear of the obvious—no red or green bridesmaid’s dresses, no poinsettia pots lining the aisles of the venue. Opt instead for a modern take on Christmas. Colors like ice blue, snowy white and burgundy can be just as effective. Sprinkle them throughout your ceremony, as sashes and boutonnieres, vest colors and shoes. Choose a gorgeous white gown with crocheted detailing to mimic snowflakes. Opt for a plunging neckline and then highlight it with a glittering semi-precious necklace of cascading garnets. Make it a three-quarter length to show off freshly dyed shoes of rich burgundy.

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Have your heart set on poinsettias? Choose a simple cluster of natural ivory-toned blooms backed with evergreen sprigs and a hint of baby’s breath, then echo the look by wearing a small one in your hair or attached to your headpiece.   No matter what you do, we have no doubt it will be PERFECT!


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