Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is here, Fall is here!  It’s such an amazing time of year to say “I Do”;  from the cooler weather and the change in the color of the leaves, to all the unique and clever ideas you can use to make your Fall Wedding remembered by all!

We were “procrastinating” on Pinterest like we always do and came across this fantastic board compiled by Arkansas Bride Magazine called “Why We Love Fall Weddings”.    So many great ideas: Read more

WedPics – Wedding App Tip of the Week: Inviting Guests

WedPics Wedding App Tips

With our wedding app, we offer many fun features to make your experience even better!  Here’s your Tip of the Week:


So you’ve created your WedPics account for your wedding…now what?  It’s time to start inviting guests to participate.  A WedPics account without guests is, well….not very useful.  Your guests are the ones taking these pictures and WedPics is the way to get them all into one, convenient location. Here are the tools we provide you to have a memorable and enjoyable WedPics Album: Read more

Choosing A Wedding Location

Post by Katie Rogers

 One of the first decisions you must make as an engaged couple is where you are going to get married. Some couples may be absolutely certain, some may have no idea, and some may change their minds along the way – that was certainly the case for me!

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Blushing Bride or Bridezilla?


Post by Kaja Rush-Taylor; WedPics Blogger


Admit it ladies, whether you are a bride-to-be or you have already walked down the aisle, you have asked yourself if you are/were the dreaded Bridezilla.

Planning a wedding brings out the good, the bad and the ugly, and truthfully, it can be one of the most stressful events you will ever put together. That is lot of pressure.  It is a lot to take in and at times, we blow up at those we love or even merciless kick a bridesmaid out of your wedding party!  Unless you plan on going to city hall to avoid all the drama, here are a few tips to help avoid those scary situations: Read more

Wedding Survival Guide: The Beautiful Blending of Two Families

Post by Heather K. Thein; WedPics Blogger        |        About Heather


The age-old cliché about troublesome in-laws always comes in the form of the dreaded, six-headed Mother-in-Law: the woman who scrutinizes your every move, doesn’t think you’re good enough, and is open about telling you that. Lovers on the verge of marriage like to think that this stuff doesn’t really happen—that it’s just an exaggeration that filmmakers like to employ in movies to get a laugh. Read more