Wedding Deals Are Out There!

Have you been planning your wedding and woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, frantically thinking “how in the hell are we going to afford all of this”?!  You’re not alone.  Almost 43% of engaged couples are paying for their own wedding. And that’s a tough task to tackle when faced with school loans, credit card bills, car payments, rent/mortgages and the list goes on!  Take a deep breath and here’s some great ways to save money on the bigger expenses of your wedding! Read more

Get Up, Get Up, Get on The Floor

The one thing you really can’t control at a wedding is whether or not your guests will get up on the dance floor. What if no one dances? Will people have fun? How do you facilitate fun in the first place? At the same time, the more people you get dancing, the more fun everyone will have! A wedding reception is, afterall, a celebration of two people beginning a new life together!

So the goal is to get as many “squares” out of their seats and onto the dance floor! All too often at weddings, there is a 30-40 minute delay from when the music starts to when people hit the floor and start to boogie. Here are some tricks to change that!

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