Barn Weddings – Portraits of the Bride and Groom

Summer is full swing and barn weddings continue to be a favorite venue choice among rustic brides. Here’s a roundup of our favorite shots of the wedding couple at their barn weddings and receptions.

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1. This wall and hay bales provide a perfect backdrop for a perfect day.

Barn Weddings – Portraits of the Bride and Groom | WedPics - The #1 Wedding App

Photo Credit: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

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2. We love the open doors showing the guests enjoying the party.

Barn Weddings – Portraits of the Bride and Groom | WedPics - The #1 Wedding App

Photo Credit: Kelly Hornberger Photography

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WedPics Featured Couple: Courtney & Steve

Hear from newlyweds Courtney & Steve on their wedding planning journey, their experience using WedPics app and their advice on putting together the perfect wedding!

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1) If you could choose just one, what was your favorite moment from the wedding weekend?

My favorite moment from my wedding is difficult to choose, because the entire day was amazing. There was one moment in time that could not have been planned, but was extremely memorable. Half way through the reception, when everyone was on the dance floor and enjoying the party, my husband grabbed my hand and led me to the upstairs mezzanine. The mezzanine overlooked the entire dance floor and we stood at the railing and took in the entire night. We were able to see all of our guests enjoying themselves and we were able to steal a moment just for ourselves. He pulled me in and kissed me and then wrapped his arm around me as we looked on.  Up there we had our own private dance floor and started to dance together as the music played. It was definitely an amazing moment.

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2) What kind of personal touches did you add to your wedding?

My husband and I got engaged at AT&T Park in San Francisco, California (well before Kim and Kanye did it). We are huge Giants fans and one of our first dates was to a Giants game. Three years after our date to the stadium, he purchased a commemorative brick for the 2010 World Series win. Little did I know that he purchased the brick, so when we arrived for the game on opening weekend after the brick was laid, he proposed. He walked me to the location of the brick and pointed it out. I stopped to read it and saw “real love stories never have endings. Marry me Courtney” of course I said “YES!” Because we got engaged at the Giants stadium, I incorporated Giants related touches throughout our wedding. Our save the dates mimicked baseball tickets in the Giants colors of orange and black. On our wedding day, our ring bearer carried a Giants bear wearing the replica World Series rings. Our sign in table included our replica brick and photos from our engagement and the table markers were bricks with some of our favorite Giants players names and numbers. It was special for us to have these little touches that completely represent who we are as a couple laced throughout our engagement and wedding.

 Another personal touch we added was folding 1,000 origami cranes. In the Asian culture, the cranes represent good luck. Not only did I like how pretty they were to have them scattered throughout the reception, I also love what they represent. After the wedding, we included a crane in each thank you letter we sent out and we also made a branch with the extra cranes hanging off of it to hang on our wall. The branch gives us a reminder of our wedding and vows and also continues to bless us with good luck.
One of the most time consuming personal touches was my shoes. Because I wanted shoes that sparkled and there was no way I could afford the sparkly Jimmy Choo’s or Christian Loubotin’s, I made my own. The shoes were covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals all placed one-by-one by me. The detailed project was well worth it, because I love my shoes!

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3) Did you use WedPics for your wedding?  If so,  tell us a little bit about why you chose to use Wedpics and how did it work out for you?

Of course I used WedPics for our wedding! When I came across the app, I felt like it was user friendly and a great way to keep all the photos from such a special day in one spot. It was important to me to try and avoid the use of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter by my guests. I wanted to avoid having pictures of the big day posted all over these sites for potentially hundreds of people to see before I had a chance to enjoy them. By using WedPics, I knew that only my guests would have access to the app and the pictures wouldn’t be floating out there in the social media world without my knowledge. I loved how user-friendly WedPics was and of course the fact that it was FREE! It was also nice to have the printable cards to hand out to our guests. I still go onto the app periodically to reminisce about the special day.

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4) If you could give one piece advice for future brides and grooms planning their wedding, what would that be?

The one piece of advice I could give is that there is never enough time to plan! If you plan on being a DIY bride, like myself, start now! I had a 14 month engagement and put some projects off for a while because I felt like it was “too early” to work on them. If you find an idea that you are in love with, start the project right away, otherwise projects will pile up and it will stress you out. DIY is tons of fun and there are a million ideas out there, so find a theme and stick to it and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Congrats Courtney & Steve!  If you were recently married and would like to be featured on our blog, email us at!

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Get From Altar To Reception On Your Wedding Day — In Style

If you think that your wedding requires flowers, a white dress and a limousine, think again. Traditional weddings still retain their popularity, but newfound styles have begun to elbow their way into the national consciousness. Nontraditional weddings have become quite the rage, as couples declare their interest in tying the knot in a decidedly non-boring fashion. You need a set of wheels to get from hotel to altar and altar to reception, but how can you do it by expressing your personality?


Rent An Elephant

Nothing says go big or go home like the largest terrestrial animal to walk on the planet since the dinosaurs were wiped out. If you want to really make sure you never forget your day, IncredibleEvents lets you rent out an elephant to go from point A to point B in real style. Though traditional Indian weddings incorporate elephants, you can be sure it’s a new experience for the whole family in an American wedding setting. If riding on the back of a pachyderm seems just a tad too ostentatious, or if you find it a tad too uncomfortable, try a camel instead.


Motor On Home

Whether you love shows like “Orange County Choppers” or you want the whole bike gang to be a part of the wedding, cruising off into the sunset makes your big day unique and lots of fun. Make sure you do it legally and plan out the routes, lest you end up like the 300 bikers in L.A. who shut down an entire freeway. Make sure you have the proper safety gear as well and grab a pair of Bike Bandit motocross helmets for both bride and groom. These helmets can be customized to each driver’s personality, or painted to resemble a tux and dress.


Take To The Air

For those who scoff at a fear of heights, why come in off the streets at your wedding when you can just drop on in? Skyland Space Dive lets the bride and groom (and any other daring members of the wedding party) launch off from 5,000 feet, and parachute down to the wedding’s festivities. It takes a little bit longer than renting a car — actually, it takes a lot longer, since you need to get up to 5,000 feet and then come back down — but gives you a burst of adrenaline to get over those wedding day jitters. Better still, you can exchange rings while hurtling through the clouds. Just don’t drop them.


Get Everyone’s Attention

When your future spouse loves ice cream as much as you do, why not signal to the world about your commitment to one another as well as your commitment to a good scoop of Rocky Road? PartyPop lets you search ice cream truck rentals to use to travel to the wedding, jangling all the way. You can get a lot of attention on your big day by announcing it to the world in tandem with a scoop of soft-serve for the family and friends in attendance.

By WedPics : The #1 Wedding App for your special day

Photo Sources (in order):, said&done via Flickr, Image by Jeremi Joslin via Flickr,Image by Dean Strelau via Flickr,


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