39 Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Let’s be real…shopping for guys is the worst!  It’s like pulling teeth just to get them to talk about it and it’s even harder to get an actual answer. Argh.  AskMen.com put together a SWEET list of Christmas Gifts For Him….surely there has to be ONE thing on this list that could work, right?


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Sweaty, impatient crowds. Dizzying lights and music. Undeserving children screaming demands at parents and fake Santas. Icy, overflowing parking lots.

It’s stunning how effectively any shopping mall or store turns the merryChristmas season into hell on earth. Apart from a couple of masochists, no one really likes enduring this painful annual ritual.

These gift ideas are crucial to you for two reasons: One, any guy on your list wants this stuff even if he doesn’t know it exists yet. Two, shoppingfor this stuff will spare you from the gauntlet that is the mall between now and Christmas Eve. All of these gifts are available at the click of the mouse. So grab a mug of something hot and boozy, pull up a seat and get your holiday shopping for dudes done the right way. If he’s looking to upgrade his home cinema, make sure to check the 10 best HDTVs.

1) Calvin Klein Play Watch

Master in the art of fresh and modern apparel designs, Calvin Klein’s watches follow that same esthetic line. The Play Watch is the perfect example with its minimal use of numbers and clever balance of silver and white. Plus, it’s available for only $99.
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 2) MeUndies

Made from Lenzing Modal fabric, MeUndies combines ultimate comfort and style with a range of different colors and prints. They even have matching prints for men and women, making it the perfect gift for your girlfriend and you. Our favorite are the ridiculously comfortable and supportive boxer briefs.  MeUndies.com also offers ultra-soft tees and patterned socks, all with free shipping on orders within the US and Canada – making MeUndies the most convenient way to shop for your underwear needs this holiday season. Right now, MeUndies.com is offering 25% off your first purchase when you use the code AMHOLIDAY at checkout.

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3) ENO DoubleNest Hammock

The ENO DoubleNest Hammock is light and easy to install (it fits in a pouch roughly the size of a softball) and can be packed up and brought anywhere. It also comes in a variety of colors—the orange one looks great in contrast to nature’s greens. It’s great for any of his getaways, whether that means sitting down in the backyard with a beer or enjoying the great outdoors on his next adventure. It holds up to 400 pounds so there’s space for two to soak up the great outdoors together. He’ll never want to leave without it.
$69.95 at Amazon

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