Bridesmaids For Hire – What you didn’t know you needed

In a perfect world we would have our bridesmaids, maids of honor, and mother of the bride present for every step along the way surrounding our wedding, correct?

However, weddings are expensive, and gone are the days when your best friend lives down the street. For many brides, this essentially means that half their bridal party is challenged with the task of flying hundreds of miles to attend engagement parties, bridal showers, dress fittings, and sometimes, this is just not doable.

That is where your ultimate gal pal comes in. Bridesmaid for Hire provides professional bridesmaid services to brides in need. Jen Glantz provides clients with support before their wedding (virtually), behind the scenes, and even up at the altar on their wedding day. Simply put, Miss Glantz is there to be the bride’s personal assistant, on-call therapist, social director, and go-to peacekeeper. Not only that, but Jen also offers assistance to Maid-of-Honors in need, providing them with help in areas that range from planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower to writing their speech.

Anyone else getting images of Jennifer Lopez, wedding extraordinaire becoming their best friend right about now? Well, Jen gets that question a lot. So what makes her different from a wedding planner? She’s there for the bride and bride only. Wedding planners deal with vendors, music, all the way down to the catering, Jen’s job however is to be there solely for the brides needs. Essentially becoming the bride’s right hand man, Jen helps with wedding day jitters, details surrounding the dress, taking the reigns when your maid of honor has had too many jello shots at the Bachelorette Party and many more tasks. Jen ultimately becomes your knight in shining wedding structure.

Still skeptical? Let’s break it down for you. Bridesmaids for hire offer many alternative packages ranging from ‘Virtual Bridesmaid’ one on one video consulting, ‘Undercover Bridesmaids’ catering to Maid Of Honor needs, ‘Ultimate Bridesmaid’ with in the trenches support, and ‘Bridesmaid By Your Side’ including actual participation in the wedding.

The beauty of Glantz’s business is that she will be as involved as you want her to be, arrangements which are tailored for each brides specific needs. After being a bridesmaid more times than she can count Jen noticed a gap in the Wedding Industry and decided it was a much needed service; “It’s a happy time, but also the most stressful time, and a lot of women need the extra support, essentially I’m there as the brides personal assistant and on-call therapist. I help her manage and execute her personal to-do list, which can often be over 100 tasks long”.

Glantz is however not oblivious to the ‘rent-a-friend’ connotations and assumptions most people attach to her business, however plainly states that her services are not for ‘sad’ brides. Let’s face it, we would all love our maid of honor to be our best friend and one of a kind wedding associate on our big day, however not everyone is that lucky; “ Brides need that energetic, positive person to boost their confidence on their wedding day. There is nothing sad about that, even if you have a handful of bridesmaids already or a couple of best friends who will be by your side, sometimes it’s an added bonus to have professional support and help before your wedding. That way, you can have fun with your friends and turn to someone else for the 2am phone calls about decisions you have to make and all the rest of the dirty work. I’m just a professional who will make the wedding experience more pleasant for my clients.”

We don’t know about you lot, but this is starting to sound like a necessity we never knew we needed!  To keep up with the heavy demand that Bridesmaids For Hire has attracted Jen plans to expand her business and take on more professional bridesmaids to tackle the 750 applications from brides to be. Jen has already lent her services to many brides across the states, and is continuing her priceless services with a current roster of 25 brides a year up until October 2016.

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