Wedding Stationery We Love

We never get tired of beautiful wedding stationery!  Here’s a roundup of some of our most recent favorites.

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1. We love this pretty and modern design by Abigail Warner (Available HERE)

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.06.29 AM

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2. The pinecone pop-out sets this invite apart from the rest! (Available HERE)


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Clever Wedding Ideas

With Pinterest and social media in general, there are so many unique and clever wedding ideas to consider for your wedding! Here’s a few of our favorites here at WedPics: Read more

Green Friendly Wedding: Get Married, Have Fun, Save the Earth!

Ideally, everyday we should strive to do what it takes to save & preserve Mother Earth.  Realistically, much easier said than done.  When it comes to your Wedding, there are plenty of ways to make your special day “Green”.

 1)  Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations – Paper. Paper. Paper. Millions and millions of trees.  If this is a sacrifice you’re willing to make, we first suggest ditching the paper invitation all together and going with a more eco-friendly alternative: using websites like Glö or even Evite.  If the paper invitations are a must-have, explore different companies that provide invites on 100% recycled material.  One of our favorites is…they offer hundreds of beautiful and classy designs while staying Green.

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A Personal Touch: Making YOUR Wedding YOU


In the age of Pinterest and endless wedding blogs, there’s no shortage of ideas out there to piece together the wedding you always dreamed of.  From the floral arrangments to the bridesmaid dresses to even signature cocktails, it’s all one click away.

So as you plan out your wedding….how do you make sure your wedding doesn’t turn into a smorgasbord (love that word BTW) of ideas that fail to have YOUR personal touches?  Besides, this is YOUR wedding…shouldn’t it scream YOU? 


Going the traditional route is always the safe choice.  Nothing wrong with that.  But there’s also nothing wrong with having a little fun either!  We love this idea of turning your invitation into a movie premier poster.  Why not?  It’s fun, it’s clever and you KNOW the intended recipient is going to read it all!

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