20 Stunning Rainy Wedding Day Photos

They say it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, but we cant imagine waking up on your big day to the heavens opening up would result in a calm bride!

However these couples made the most of what the day had to offer, the result? Some of the most beautiful wedding pictures we’ve ever seen!

Check out 20 of our favorite rainy day moments after the jump!

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1. We’ll start off strong with this black & white magical moment!


Photo Credit: Unplugged Photography

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2. The use of light makes for the perfect silhouette.


Photo Credit: Ryan Estes Photography

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Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is here, Fall is here!  It’s such an amazing time of year to say “I Do”;  from the cooler weather and the change in the color of the leaves, to all the unique and clever ideas you can use to make your Fall Wedding remembered by all!

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WedPics – Photo AND Video Sharing App For Your Wedding


wedding video share

We’re thrilled to announce that WedPics now has VIDEO!

We aimed to keep it short and simple.  Your guests can now take 15 second video clips in the app and upload to your albums immediately.  From the ceremonial kiss to your grandmother doing the Cupid Shuffle, any candid moment can now be captured with WedPics video!

Have at it!


By WedPics : The #1 Wedding App for your special day

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