Get From Altar To Reception On Your Wedding Day — In Style

If you think that your wedding requires flowers, a white dress and a limousine, think again. Traditional weddings still retain their popularity, but newfound styles have begun to elbow their way into the national consciousness. Nontraditional weddings have become quite the rage, as couples declare their interest in tying the knot in a decidedly non-boring fashion. You need a set of wheels to get from hotel to altar and altar to reception, but how can you do it by expressing your personality?


Rent An Elephant

Nothing says go big or go home like the largest terrestrial animal to walk on the planet since the dinosaurs were wiped out. If you want to really make sure you never forget your day, IncredibleEvents lets you rent out an elephant to go from point A to point B in real style. Though traditional Indian weddings incorporate elephants, you can be sure it’s a new experience for the whole family in an American wedding setting. If riding on the back of a pachyderm seems just a tad too ostentatious, or if you find it a tad too uncomfortable, try a camel instead.


Motor On Home

Whether you love shows like “Orange County Choppers” or you want the whole bike gang to be a part of the wedding, cruising off into the sunset makes your big day unique and lots of fun. Make sure you do it legally and plan out the routes, lest you end up like the 300 bikers in L.A. who shut down an entire freeway. Make sure you have the proper safety gear as well and grab a pair of Bike Bandit motocross helmets for both bride and groom. These helmets can be customized to each driver’s personality, or painted to resemble a tux and dress.


Take To The Air

For those who scoff at a fear of heights, why come in off the streets at your wedding when you can just drop on in? Skyland Space Dive lets the bride and groom (and any other daring members of the wedding party) launch off from 5,000 feet, and parachute down to the wedding’s festivities. It takes a little bit longer than renting a car — actually, it takes a lot longer, since you need to get up to 5,000 feet and then come back down — but gives you a burst of adrenaline to get over those wedding day jitters. Better still, you can exchange rings while hurtling through the clouds. Just don’t drop them.


Get Everyone’s Attention

When your future spouse loves ice cream as much as you do, why not signal to the world about your commitment to one another as well as your commitment to a good scoop of Rocky Road? PartyPop lets you search ice cream truck rentals to use to travel to the wedding, jangling all the way. You can get a lot of attention on your big day by announcing it to the world in tandem with a scoop of soft-serve for the family and friends in attendance.

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