Clever Wedding Ideas

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Having Kids At Your Wedding: How To Cater To Your Littlest Guests

You’ve carefully selected your party favors, picked out your wedding band or DJ, and finally decided on a dinner menu that’s sure to please most everyone.  Your youngest guests won’t always appreciate the details you’ve worked so hard on, and may need something more to keep them occupied and having fun.  Here are a few ideas that cater to the kids at your wedding reception.

Kid-friendly Party Favors

Keeping kids busy doesn’t have to be a chore.  A basket-full of crayons and coloring books at your hall entrance is the easiest way to ensure the little ones have something to do before dinner is served.  They can also be used to write congratulatory messages to the bride and groom.  Want to go one step further? Create a game sheet with tic-tac-toe, crosswords, true and false questions, and fun facts about the bride and groom.

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6 Ways to Cut Costs While Planning Your Dream Wedding

It’s no secret that, while getting married is an exciting time in any couple’s lives, planning the wedding itself can quickly prove overwhelming, not only emotionally but also financially. With so many important details, both big and small, to consider, costs can quickly add up, leaving brides and grooms-to-be questioning how they will manage the many fees and periphery expenses that arise. They find themselves floundering throughout the planning process, wondering if they’ll somehow be able to muddle through without giving up entirely on achieving the wedding they’ve always imagined.

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