Wedding Weight Goal – Don’t Starve…Substitute!

Post by Kate Smith; WedPics Blogger


Dieting in general is at best, tough, and at worst, a recipe for failure. It’s even harder when you’re getting ready for your wedding – you’re stressed enough, and the added pressure of trying to stick to a diet is enough to make any bride (or groom) miserable. The good news is, you can cut thousands of calories out of your diet every week without having to starve yourself.  You can eat essentially the same amount of food you eat now, so you’ll still feel satisfied.  The key is simply to make lower-calorie choices and that begins with making a few simple substitutions day! Read more

Wedding Day Flex: Toned Arms in Only 10 Minutes a Day!

This is THE day!  You know, the one where all eyes are on YOU…and deservedly so.  Let’s cut right to the chase:  You’re wearing a gorgeous dress.  And for most of you, the part of your body that will be most exposed is your ARMS…those long, beautiful soon-to-be-toned ARMS.

Here’s 7 simple exercises (repeat in order, every other day for the month leading up to the wedding):

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