Wedding Day Flex: Toned Arms in Only 10 Minutes a Day!

This is THE day!  You know, the one where all eyes are on YOU…and deservedly so.  Let’s cut right to the chase:  You’re wearing a gorgeous dress.  And for most of you, the part of your body that will be most exposed is your ARMS…those long, beautiful soon-to-be-toned ARMS.

Here’s 7 simple exercises (repeat in order, every other day for the month leading up to the wedding):

1)  Jumping Rope (with a twist): Start jumping rope like you were taught in grade school (this is fun isn’t it)!  After you’ve found your rhythm, slowly attempt to extend your arms outward as if you’re making bigger and bigger circles.  Once in full extension, continue skipping for 60 seconds.

2)  Aerolean Push-up:  Find your push-up stance with your hands a little wider than shoulder length apart and fingers pointing out.  Bend your left elbow so you tilt to the left and then return to center.  Repeat with right arm and continue to alternate for 60 seconds. If too difficult, start with your knees on the floor.

3)  Wrist Rotation: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and a 1-2 pound dumbbell in each hand.  Extend arms straight in front of you at shoulder-level.  Arms still extended, quickly rotate your wrists inwards as far as possible and then outward.  Repeat for 60 seconds.

4) Flat back Rows:  With a comfortable weight, you’ll need two dumbbells.  No dumbbells?  Try a broomstick instead!  Standing with your feet together, bend at your waist until your upper body is parallel with the ground….all while keeping your back perfectly flat.  To start, let your arms hang to the ground and slowly pull them up while keeping them close to your sides.  Each rep should feel like you’re pinching your shoulder blades together at the end.  Let your arms slowly back down and repeat!  60 seconds.

5)  Seated Tricep Dip:  With a sturdy chair, sit on the very edge of it with your arms straight down by your side, top of your hands are pointed up.  Extend your feet out to where your butt is no longer seated on the seat.  With your legs slightly bent and feet together, slowly let your butt drop towards the floor…keeping your arms closed to your side and elbows bending.  Push back up and repeat for 60 seconds.

6)  Weighted Punch:  With your 1-2 pound dumbbells, stand with your feet shoulder length apart.  Start with the weights close to your chest. In a controlled movement, “Punch” your right arm straight up without fully extending, bring back to starting position and alternate.  Add some pace to this one for 60 seconds!

7) Weighted Jab:   Grab those 1-2 pound dumbbells again.  Standing, step out with one foot 6 inches in front of the other.  Assume the same starting position as the Weight Punch but this time, “punch” out with your right arm, keeping it shoulder level. Bring back to start and alternate.  Build up your speed and keep it going for 60 seconds.

It’s never too late to get started!  Wedding Planning isn’t just flowers & cake!  With a commitment to this under-10 minute workout, you can get those arms toned up in no-time for your special day!

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