Wedding Deals Are Out There!

Have you been planning your wedding and woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, frantically thinking “how in the hell are we going to afford all of this”?!  You’re not alone.  Almost 43% of engaged couples are paying for their own wedding. And that’s a tough task to tackle when faced with school loans, credit card bills, car payments, rent/mortgages and the list goes on!  Take a deep breath and here’s some great ways to save money on the bigger expenses of your wedding!

(We’re not talking DIY projects..that’s a whole other post you can read about HERE.  We’re talking where can I get some DEALS!)

1)  GROUPON: Seems obvious, right?  Well, don’t wait for the deals to come to you.  Seek them out.   They are there.   You could build your entire honeymoon off Groupon offerings.

Kayaking, zip lines, massages, swimming with dolphins…if you can dream it, it’s likely out there!


2) Yes, you have your Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, Travelocitys…but brings you the best of all these into one, easy to use website.

Whether booking your travel or accommodations or both, is the real deal (pun very much intended)!


3) This website has a dedicated team of “BargainZillas” who work hard to negotiate special prices on open dates from vendors and venues across the country.   If you have your wedding location and date set, and you know what you’re looking for, they’ll scour the area for vendors with open dates and negotiate some deals on your behalf!  As they say: It’s Immediate and Effortless!


4)  Just ASK!:   While you may not be aware of any existing coupons out there for a specific product or service, many companies have a database of non-expired coupon codes.  And sometimes all you have to do is ask!  Reach out to these companies and simply ask “Are you running any deals or have any coupons”?  Most will gladly oblige…they’d much rather have your business than no business at all.


You’re obviously taking the time to plan the PERFECT wedding…spend a little extra to chase down those deals.  They’re out there…we promise!


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