WedPics App Featured Wedding Couple: Christine & Mike

Congrats to newlyweds Christine & Mike!  Hear from them about getting married at Disney World, their experience using WedPics App and other insights into their wedding planning journey!

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1) If you could choose one, what was your favorite part of the wedding?

It’s so hard to choose just one!  I would say my personal favorite moment from the wedding was when the doors open and I started my walk down the aisle.  It was an amazing feeling to walk into a room with some many friends and family who all made the trip to Disney World to be there for our wedding.  Looking down the aisle to see Mike and my friends standing up there on their altar, along with my Dad walking me down the aisle was just one of the best moments of my life!

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2) What kind of personal touches did you add to your wedding?

We had a few subtle personal touches around our wedding.  The color scheme of pink, white, and black was very unique to us along with all the decorations we worked on to be implemented.  In addition to the theme though we had made all of our programs, menu cards, invitations etc. which turned out wonderful! Mike wore a charm on his boutonniere for his later grandmother, a watch for his late grandfather, and I had a handkerchief on my bouquet stem that my late grandmother had for her wedding.    And of course we also included a Mickey and Minnie cake topper and a Mickey Top hat card box..we were in Disney!

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3) Did you use WedPics for your wedding?  Tell us a little bit about why you chose to use Wedpics and how did it work out for you?

Yes, we used Wedpics for our wedding and it was a HUGE hit.  I knew with having a destination wedding, and having over 100 guests that a lot of pictures were going to get taken and I didn’t want to miss out on all the experiences everyone was having throughout the course of the weekend.  I also didn’t want to chase people down after the wedding trying to collect pictures, so then I found wedpics!  I put a little information sheet in everyone’s welcome bags explaining how to use it and it took off!  All of our guests were constantly uploading pictures and it was amazing to see all the experiences our guests were having…we ended up with over 500 pictures from the weekend just through Wedpics!

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4) What traditions did you choose to use for your wedding and which ones did you go out of your way to leave out?

We kept in a lot of the traditional wedding experiences such as the garter toss, the bouquet toss, and a unity candle at the ceremony.  We also included a Rose Ceremony, where we gave each of our mother’s a rose during the ceremony.  The one tradition we left out was having any type of receiving line or going around to each of our guests tables during the reception.  We had a welcome dessert party the night before, where we made time to talk to each guest, which left us more time to just enjoy the food and dancing at our reception.  We also had open seating at our reception (other then the head table and parent tables) so guests were free to sit wherever they liked, there were no escort or place cards provided.

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5) If you could give one piece advice for future couples planning their wedding, what would that be?

My advice would be “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”.  Cherish the entire experience, and especially the day itself because it really goes back so fast!  There were a few minor hiccups on my wedding day, but I just had to remember that our wedding day was about Mike and myself and sharing the joy of marriage, everything else was just icing on the cake!  I would hate to look back on my wedding day and know that I was upset about small things no one would have remembered or probably would have even noticed it was wrong.  So try to relax, and just enjoy all the day…it’s your day!

Congrats Christine & Mike!  If you were recently married and would like to be featured on our blog, email us at!

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