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With our wedding app, we offer many fun features to make your experience even better!  Here’s your Tip of the Week:


So you’ve created your WedPics account for your wedding…now what?  It’s time to start inviting guests to participate.  A WedPics account without guests is, well….not very useful.  Your guests are the ones taking these pictures and WedPics is the way to get them all into one, convenient location. Here are the tools we provide you to have a memorable and enjoyable WedPics Album:


1) Invite Via Email – In both the app and your Admin Dashboard (web), you can invite your guests through your Email Contact list on your phone/computer and your Gmail/Yahoo contacts.  Once you’ve created your guest list, they will receive the following invitation (see right image).

2)  Invite Via Text Message – From the app, when you opt to send an invite via text, you can select phone numbers from your phone’s contact list and your guest will receive a simple message saying what the app is, your Wedding ID as well as direct links to the App Store and Google Play.



3) Invite via Facebook – When in your Admin Dashboard (web), you also have the ability to send a guest an invite directly to them as a private Facebook Message.


4) Add WedPics to your Wedding Website  – In your Admin Dashboard (Web), click the “Add WedPics to Wedding Site” tab.  From there, you are given step by step instructions on how to put WedPics into your personal wedding website (ie. The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc).

5) Order Invite Cards – In your Admin Dashboard (Web), you can order sleek, high-quality invite cards to accompany your wedding invitations or you can have them distributed at the wedding.  If you want to have them printed yourself, you have the option to download the print-ready version of your card from your Dashboard. The invite cards are business card sized, printed on 15pt card stock with a double gloss finish.

6) Invite Poster – In your Admin Dashboard (web), click the “Printable Downloads” and simply download the 8.5 x 11 Invite Poster.  Many wedding couples will print several off, frame them and set them out throughout the wedding venue.

7) Photo Scavenger Hunt – Weddings are supposed to be fun, right?  So why not have a little fun with the guests and give them certain photos to take!  Some Wedding Couples have even offered fun prizes for the person(s) who complete the entire Photo Scavenger Hunt.  You can download yours in your Admin Dashboard (Web) under “Printable Downloads.”

To have a fulfilling WedPics experience, guest participation is a must.  Utilize these tools and wait for your wedding photos to come streaming in!  If you have any other creative ways you’re getting your guests involved, please share in the comments below!


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