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With our wedding app, we offer many fun features to make your experience even better!  Here’s your Tip of the Week:



As many of you know, WedPics isn’t meant just for your wedding day.  Brides & Grooms love to use it for all events leading up to the big day like Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, etc.   The Memory Lane album is popular to collect photos from everyone’s collective past and revisit old memories.

When a guest uploads a photo, they have the option to send that photo to a specific album.  If they choose not to, that photo will default automatically to the “All Photos” album of your account.  To create a new custom album in the app, just tap the photo icon next to the Wedding Couple’s name (see left image)

So what if the Bride or Groom wants to reorganize the photos and place them in it’s relative album?

  • In the app:  simply tap the “Edit”  button under a photo, then tap “Move Photo” and choose the appropriate album.
  • On the web: simply click “Albums” in the top menu bar and then drag your photo(s) to the album you want.



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