Heartful.ly Registry - the Wedding Registry that Gives Back
by Christina Child


"Celebrate your big day by making someone else’s"

We are so happy to share this awesome company with you!  Heartful.ly is a wedding registry that connects generous couples and their communities to charitable projects around the world. From building a classroom in Tanzania to providing warm meals for children in need in the U.S.,  Hearful.ly allows your wedding gifts to contribute to building a legacy to grow with your marriage.  How sweet is that?!

Real couples making a difference

Casey and Ted - Special Olympics Missouri


Casey's grandfather, J.D. developed a close relationship with Special Olympics during his life. He truly was passionate about the organization and the athletes. His love inspired Casey to begin coaching a Special Olympics basketball team when she moved to St. Louis 5 years ago. She has developed a bond with her players, families and other coaches that continues to grow every season. Now Ted can be seen assisting Casey and cheering from the bench like it is his own team. Special Olympics not only helps athletes stay active and healthy, but it is an integral platform in providing opportunities for success and friendship among each and every participant.

The amount of money generously donated through their registry sent 15 athletes through the Athlete Leadership Program!

Rusty and Monica - Sent a student to high school in Tanzania


These two sponsored Zulfa Dadi with everything she needs for her first year of secondary school. Zulfa is a bright thirteen-year-old being raised by a single mom. Her mother works as a farmer, earning very little, and would have no way to pay Zulfa's school expenses. Zulfa is shy, sweet and whip smart- always finishing at the top of her class. She has ambitions to become a nurse, a dream that she would never have realized without their support.

We absolutely love the idea of selflessly foregoing traditional gifts to provide to those in need.  What a great way to start a marriage!

Want to learn more about Heartful.ly?!  Browse their list of current projects here...

The 6 Types of Bridesmaids
by Alexis


Bridesmaids...so much love, so much history, so many...personalities! Any of these sound familiar?

1) The Planner

This chick is all about some details. She’s got the bridal shower planned to a T. She’s got hand sanitizer and bobby pins at the ready. Your little brother needs a tissue? Girl has got a monogrammed handkerchief for those boogies. Reliable and detailed, this one has got your back.

2) The Partier

Also has your back…as in, holding your hair…on Bachelorette night...over a toilet.  She knows how to make the group have a fab night including blinking crowns, limo rides, and body shots. This girl will be your right hand lady when it comes to a whiskey shot before the rehearsal dinner, and practically bonging red wine with your future mother-in-law so you don’t have to hear that you can’t cook 23524579 more times. She is the Goose to your Maverick.

3) The Go-With-The-Flow Friend

The accessory to every Bachelorette party crime. Always keeps her cool, thereby calming you down- especially as you begin to question if it’s all worth it after your great aunt insists that all pollen be removed from the property 15 minutes before you're to walk down the aisle.  She's the one that gives you the reassuring "wink" as you walk down the aisle...letting you know everything is going will be perfect!  Calm, cool & collected.

4) The Consummate Pain in the Ass

The dresses suck, they hate chocolate cake, Bachelorette parties should be at Disney World, and The Partier came to the rehearsal dinner drunk- how dare she? She may be a bit of a Debbie Downer, but you love her and on your big day she will be right there to assist The Planner, and sober up The Partier.

5) The Sister-in-Law

This one can go either way as to her level of joy and excitement during your wedding planning. But, as you are going to be seeing more of this chick on more frequent, stressful days (Yes, I am referring to you, Thanksgiving) this level of bonding is necessary. Believe me, nothing will strengthen a bond more than this mash-up of a family experience and you will come out with a stronger relationship as a result.

6) The Mom (aka "The Wildcard")

She's your bestie from college.  And also has three kids...one of those being her slack husband.  This can really go in 1 of 2 directions. On Bachelorette weekend, she could spend the entire time boo-hooing, missing her family and spending 100% of her time FaceTiming her little devils.  OR not... and instead she spends 100% of her time facetiming bottomless fish bowls filled every liquor imaginable.  If it's the latter, expect Bloody Mary's at 6:00AM (complimented with Mickey Mouse pancakes), midmorning tequila shots, beers at noon and the aforementioned fishbowls the rest of the day/night.   The presence of "The Wildcard" quadruples the chances of someone spending a night in jail.  Planning accordingly (ie. bail money).

The bond with your bridesmaids is a very special one.  You have chosen these women to be in pictures that last forever, calm your anxiety, and stand with you as you marry your BFF for life.  Happy Wedding!

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17 Times You KNOW You've Found Your Weirdo
by Sophie Waller

Bringing you 17 times couples got this whole relationship thing really really right.

2. He buys you gifts he knows you'll use.

3. You share a similar sense of humor.

4. He is sympathetic to your monthly visitor.

5. You both understand the pure hell that is committing to plans on a Friday night.

6. You practice strong parenting skills pre children.

7. You learned early on you both appreciate the most important things in life.

8. You've learnt to indulge in your S/O's favorite past times.

9. No matter how long you've been together you are still impressed by each others insults.

10. As newlyweds you cherish your new found weekend activities.

11. You can rely on your partner to keep the romance alive.

12. You appreciate each others skill sets.

13. They know exactly what supplies to get you in your time of need.

14. And how to make a make shift Christmas in your new home.

15. They make sweet gestures they know you'll love.

16. They put your needs before theirs.

17. And know exactly the way to your heart.

Ultimately, you are free to be beautiful weirdos together.

16 Memes That Are All Too Real For Any Couple
by Sophie Waller


Married or not, these memes are the most relatable things on the internet to any couple.

2. When you pretend you're really low key & chill.


3. When you've officially shown your spouse every one of your personalities.


4. When he officially gives up.


5. When you're trying to find any reason to justify your mood.


6. When you made sure the most important points were in the vows.


7. And you've dug your hole too deep & you have to see it through.


8. We have all known this display of masculinity.


9. You're both guilty of this TBH.


10. When you talked about kids early on.


11. When you've lost your temper more than once & it's only Tuesday.


12. This can turn your whole mood around.


13. Because he is 'your person'.


14. This is your secret euphoria.


15. When this consumes you with guilt.


16. Because you're sure you'll be just as annoying at 90.


Discover Unique Wedding Inspiration with Wedding Party
by Stephanie

wedding inspiration wedding party app
wedding inspiration wedding party app

Did you know Wedding Party isn't just about connecting you with your guests? It's also a great place to get wedding inspiration, planning tips, and advice! Our wedding blog is now part of Wedding Party, so now you can explore our unique and trusted wedding advice and inspiration right at your fingertips!

wedding inspiration for bride planning her big day
wedding inspiration for bride planning her big day

Need some ideas for the perfect wedding day look? Browse our ideas for glam wedding day style, unique bridesmaids dresses, or dapper groom style. Looking for answers to tough wedding etiquette questions? Our wedding experts have got you covered with advice on how to handle even the most difficult situations. Just want some cool tips and ideas for ways to make your wedding day stand out? We've got that too. No matter what you're looking for, Wedding Party has the answers you need with our library of fun and informative blog posts.

What are you waiting for? Start discovering the amazing content that over half a million brides love and trust to help plan their wedding day.

Download Wedding Party
Download Wedding Party

4 Easy DIY Wedding Hair Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaids
by Stephanie


Codrean Photography + films

Your wedding budget is tight, so it goes without saying that you're probably looking to cut costs where you can. Even though having your hair and makeup done professionally on the big day seems like a must, it's possible to look amazing on your big day without spending those bucks.

If you have a friend who is particularly blessed with the ability to do hair, it's worth it asking her to help you out with your bridal style. You can even do your hair yourself -- we promise! Not every bridal 'do is elaborate and impossible to DIY. Here are our 4 favorite elegant yet easy DIY wedding hair ideas for both brides and bridesmaids!

The Side Braid

This chic and low maintenance 'do will give you that extra fancy boho look that the brides below are rocking. And, it'll only take you a few minutes! If you want to tryout a more complicated braid like a fishtail, just make sure you practice before the big day!

side braid engagement photo hair
side braid engagement photo hair
side braid flower crown wedding hair
side braid flower crown wedding hair
side braid bride
side braid bride

We Are the Parsons

Long, Loose curls

You know the drill: get out your best curling iron, some hairspray, and go to town! Long, luscious curls will never go out of style, so why not rock this timeless look on the big day? If you've never been able to tame your hair into pretty curls, try visiting your local Drybar for a luxe $40 blowout. We won't tell anyone your secret.

long curls hair bride
long curls hair bride
bride long curl hairstyle
bride long curl hairstyle
bride blowout hairstyle
bride blowout hairstyle

Ebersole Photography

Half Up Hair

You've been able to do this look since the 9th grade, right? Even though it's a pretty elementary hairstyle, it's oh-so-pretty and is a wonderful way to get the dramatic effect of long hair while keeping your locks out of your face. If you're a half-up hair expert, try spicing things up with a few braided strands or an unexpected accessory.

braided half up hair wedding
braided half up hair wedding
volume half up hair wedding
volume half up hair wedding
wedding half up hair
wedding half up hair

Jose Villa Photography

The Ponytail

Contrary to popular notion, ponytails aren't just for the gym! There are all sorts of ways you can pretty up the regular old ponytail, and turn it into your perfect bridal look. Try adding a ribbon or styling it to the side -- whatever you like best to make it uniquely you!

black ribbon ponytail
black ribbon ponytail
bride ponytail
bride ponytail
bride curled side ponytail
bride curled side ponytail

Cristina G Photography

So what do you think, brides? Pretty easy options, right? These hairstyles are not only perfect for your own hair, but for your bridesmaids as well. Why not have a party to see what styles look best and practice DIYing your hair? With these easy styles, you'll be looking glam and aisle-ready in no time. What bridal hairstyles are you considering for your big day?

Meet Our Shiny New Team Members - Michelle & Stephanie
by Alexis

We are so excited to announce that Michelle & Stephanie will be joining us for the summer and helping out the Marketing team. The Wedding Party team can't be more excited to have these two on board! Stephanie just finished her 4th year at Whitman College and is ready to take on the world one tweet at a time. If she were a super hero she'd like to be Ira Glass, so she can make people's lives more interesting and save them from boredom by remembering and telling awesome, cool stories. When she's not working, she spends her time trying to figure out how to use that Windows Phone of hers.

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stephanie Herbst Wedding Party
stephanie Herbst Wedding Party


Michelle is going to be entering her 4th year at USF and is getting her degree in Multicultural Marketing. When she's not watching Kim Up with the Kardashians (oh my!) she's busy filling up editorial calendars and making Pinterest boards. She's a perfectionist so there's a high probability that she's going to grow up to be a bridezilla some day. Though she claims that her superior planning abilities will help her not turn into the bridezilla we're all expecting her to become.

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michelle sabado Wedding Party
michelle sabado Wedding Party



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Meeting The Lovely Kristi Yamaguchi
by sargampathak

kristi yamaguchi figure skater olympic champion kristi yamaguchi wedding party blog
kristi yamaguchi figure skater olympic champion kristi yamaguchi wedding party blog

Wedding Party had the pleasure of meeting the lovely and talented Kristi Yamaguchi last night, at our former High School's annual Charity Fashion Show.  Through her Always Dream Foundation, she has created an organization whose sole purpose is to embrace and inspire the hopes and dreams of young children.  Her dedication both on and off the ice has been truly remarkable; she's a great role model to women and girls everywhere!