Wedding Advice: Do I need to bring a gift to a destination wedding?
by Stephanie

destination wedding etiquette
destination wedding etiquette

Elizabeth Messina

QUESTION: Do I need to bring a gift if I’m going to a far-away destination wedding?

ALLISON'S ANSWER: Most of the time if you are going to a destination wedding the couple will explicitly say “no gifts”. If not, honestly your best course of action is to ask. You are already spending a lot on their wedding and often times even if the couple forgets to say it, they aren’t expecting gifts. But to make sure the couple doesn’t get upset that you never gave them a gift (that happens) you’re better off asking!

ASHLEY'S ANSWER: The short answer, it is never expected that you bring a gift to a destination wedding. Gifts are always appreciated. However, if you are asking your guests to travel from afar to attend your wedding, it should be in the bride and grooms best wishes that they would rather have you in attendance than have a gift. They understand that you are traveling and most likely making arrangements out of your daily life to attend.

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