Wedding etiquette: How do I get guests to RSVP on time?
by Stephanie

QUESTION: I just sent out my wedding invites. How do I get my guests to RSVP on time?

ASHLEY'S ANSWER: I send out the invitations strategically so that I have enough time (a few weeks) before the wedding to catch all the non-responders. I encourage my clients to reach out personally, a phone call always works best. Keeping a clear and easy to read spreadsheet of guests/responses is best, set it up when you send out invites, and keep track as each one comes in. Google doc’s are great if you’re sharing your list with your partner or anyone else simply because it’s live-format and easily accessible on almost every device.

GINA's ANSWER: No matter how hard you try, there will inevitably be guests that RSVP after the deadline. To cut down on the late RSVP-ers, follow up your invitation with an e-blast. About a week out from the RSVP deadline, gather a group of your best gals and call or text everyone that hasn’t RSVP’d. It will go fast if you divide and conquer!

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Gina and Matt_web_175

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