The 10 types of bridesmaids that every bride should be prepared for!
by Stephanie

One of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process is being able to share the experience with your closest friends and family members, namely the wonderful girlfriends who have supported you and made you laugh throughout the years. It's an awesome feeling to share your excitement with them by making them your bridesmaids!

While no doubt all your friends are going to be happy for you and are thrilled to be asked, everyone reacts a little bit differently to being a bridesmaid. Most are wonderful, helpful, and positive, but sometimes your bridesmaids can react in ways you don't expect at first.

I've come up with a list of the 10 types of bridesmaids that you, as a bride, should be prepared for! Because while I wish everything about wedding planning was easy and predictable, sometimes it helps to prep for every situation. That being said, chances are all your bridesmaids are going to be lovely, wonderful and helpful 99.9% of the time! Read on to find out more about the types of bridesmaids you should prepare for!

1. The helpful bridesmaid

Every bride's dream, and most likely the exact way you'd describe all your bridesmaids! I mean, they're some of the most important ladies in your life, so it goes without saying that they'll be happy and excited for you!

You know your bridesmaid is a helpful bridesmaid when she reminds you she's available to help out with wedding chores, or is the perfect person to act as your sounding board for wedding ideas!


2. The flaky bridesmaid

Hopefully, you don't have any MIA bridesmaids in your party. After all, you know your friends and family members well, so hopefully you found other meaningful ways for your flakier friends to participate. But the unfortunately reality is that some bridesmaids are just going to be flaky during times when you really can't deal with it.

You know you have a flaky bridesmaid if she consistently shows up late, procrastinates, or cancels on you. Of course, everyone has their own lives so it's unrealistic to expect that your bridesmaids can be there for everything wedding-related, but when it becomes a habit it's just NOT fun.

3. The unprepared bridesmaid

There's always some bridesmaids that are taken by surprise by the duties and financial commitment that being a bridesmaid entails. The unfortunate reality is that being a bridesmaid ain't cheap: between the bridesmaid dresses, travel/lodging, and events like the bachelorette party, it's easy to watch your checking account slowly trickle away to a friend's wedding.

On top of that, if your bridesmaid hasn't been part of a wedding party before, she might not know her duties. Helping to plan the bridal shower or bachelorette party might take her by surprise. However, it's your MOH's duty to get everyone on the same page about these responsibilities, so hopefully your MOH is on top of things!

You know you have an unprepared bridesmaid when she seems unpleasantly surprised by financial or time commitments.


4. The DIY bridesmaid

There's one in every group. The crafty master DIY genius bridesmaid that can help the bride whip up anything and everything. If you're going to call one person for your wedding DIY party, it's her. Oh, and you can probably borrow all her awesome craft supplies, too.

You know you have a DIY bridesmaid when you call her first to help with your wedding projects, or when she suggests amazing DIYs you never even thought of!

5. The eager bridesmaid

This bridesmaid is takes it one step further than your helpful bridesmaids, and is down to help for anything. Also, she's Pinning like crazy to your shared bridesmaid Pinterest boards and sending you the cool wedding ideas she finds all day, every day. It's great that she's so excited for you! Though don't ever feel pressured to go with her suggestions -- she's just trying to help, and probably understands that she will have (or had) her own day.

You know you have an eager bridesmaid when 90% of the things on your shared Pinterest board is Pinned by her!

Photo by  Michelle Boyd

Photo by Michelle Boyd


6. The nonchalant bridesmaid

This bridesmaid is around... really, she is. She's just kind of too cool to get super caught up in the bridesmaids rah-rah wedding hype. It's not that she's unreliable... nope, she got her dress on time, got the right color, and showed up to your events. She's just kind of too cool for wedding things, you know?

You know you have a nonchalant bridesmaid when she doesn't send a single email on your shared bridesmaid thread, but gets it all done regardless.

7. The anxious bridesmaid

This bridesmaid is kinda nervous. And by kind of, she's REALLY nervous. Of course, it's mostly born out of consideration -- she just wants to make sure she gets it right for your big day!

You know you have an anxious bridesmaid when she runs her dress choice, shoe ideas, travel plans, flight itinerary and more by you before booking anything.

8. The party bridesmaid

This bridesmaid is here to PARTAYYYYY. Nuff said.

You know you have a party bridesmaid when all she can talk about is the bachelorette party.

Photo by  Mr. Haack

Photo by Mr. Haack


9. The grumpy bridesmaid

I really, really hope you have no grumpy bridesmaid in your bridal party. Nothing brings the fun to a grinding halt like a Debbie Downer! There may be a number of reasons why your bridesmaid friend would be grumpy: maybe she's waiting for her own engagement, or doesn't respond well to the stress of being a bridesmaid, or just doesn't like weddings in general. But still, it sucks.

You know you have a grumpy bridesmaid when more negative than positive comments about weddings comes out of her mouth.

10. The other-bride bridesmaid

Maybe one of your bridesmaids is having a wedding too! If so, that's awesome -- it's great to have someone in your friend group who is going through the same experience with you. Hopefully sharing the wedding limelight with a friend doesn't bother you, but if it does, maybe rethink making this lady your bridesmaid, because wedding conversation is inevitably going to include your celebration and hers too!

You know you have an other-bride bridesmaid when you guys are coordinating dates to make sure your bridal showers and bachelorette parties don't overlap!