New Year's Eve wedding inspiration & 8 reasons why NYE weddings are awesome!
by Stephanie

I've always loved New Year's Eve. Provided you've got some awesome party plans and didn't procrastinate on finding something to do (more on that in a moment), it's just exhilarating. The sparkly dresses, confetti, yummy drinks, countdown, and kiss at midnight... to me, it's always seemed like something out of a fairytale that I get to experience once a year.

I know many of you have blocked off major holidays as potential wedding dates, but there's one that you should actually seriously consider. And that day is (you guessed it!) New Year's Eve. To me, a New Year's Eve wedding is an amazing idea: combine the festive, fairytale atmosphere of NYE with a couple in love, a reception, and guests ready to party, and you've got a seriously winning wedding day.

Still not convinced?  I've come up with 8 specific reasons why a New Year's Eve wedding would be awesome, and I guarantee that by the time you're done reading over them, you'll be sold!

1. Everyone is already looking for a party

Have you ever frantically tried to put together plans the day before New Year's Eve, because you totally procrastinated on it? Well, I have, and those are the times that I wish there was already a pre-planned party I could go to. If you have a New Year's Eve wedding, your wedding is that party. I can guarantee you most people are going to be excited to celebrate your new marriage on this special day, AND also relieved they got out of paying a $50 cover fee at a lame bar for New Year's Eve. Win-win!

Photo by  Nancy Ebert

Photo by Nancy Ebert


2. You get a fun, chic color palette & theme without even trying

If you're getting married on New Year's Eve, you get to skip the agonizing step of deciding your wedding "theme". You already have a built-in theme and a few possible color palettes narrowed down, which trust me, is going to save you so much time. I mean, you get confetti, bright balloons, sparkles, sequins, and fireworks at midnight. If that's not a recipe for wedding success, I don't know what is.


3. You'll party until midnight -- much longer than normal wedding venues let you stay for

If you have been to an evening wedding (I'm going to guess 99.9% of you have), then you know how much of a buzzkill it is when the wedding venue kicks you out at 10pm, right when the party gets started. It's such a bummer.

I'm going to hazard a guess that most wedding venues are going to be a-ok with staying open until midnight on New Year's Eve, since 1) most of them would probably be rented for NYE parties until midnight anyway, and 2) NYE is the one night a year all noise ordinances get thrown out the window. So, your wedding will not only be sparkly, beautiful, and full of happy guests, but you'll also get to have a proper party until midnight. Yes!

4. You'll probably get a great deal on your venue

If you've planned your own wedding, then you know that the prices venues charge in the summer are usually almost double (or more!) their weekday, holiday, and off-season prices. This is a bummer for summer brides, but a serious win for a bride planning a New Year's Eve wedding. Even if prices are a little more on New Year's Eve than the rest of the winter, they won't touch the astronomical fees the venue is charging for May - October weddings.


5. Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails!

If you're a beverage enthusiast, you can really get some fun ideas to jazz up your wedding bar with yummy sparkling drinks for your New Year's Eve wedding.

6. What better way to start your marriage with a totally new year and a fresh, clean slate?

It's kind of symbolic, isn't it? You're starting your new marriage right at the start of a totally new year; two momentous occasions that go perfectly together. And on that note...


7. You'll always remember and celebrate your anniversary

I really like the idea of a double-duty anniversary, but maybe that's just me. Not only will you never have an excuse to forget your anniversary, but you'll also probably always have fun plans or a special way to celebrate your anniversary / the New Year every year.


8. Fireworks!

Some brides and groom have to shell out an arm and a leg in cash to get fireworks on their wedding day. Not you, you clever New Year's Eve bride! Nope, you get them for free. And you'll also get the stunning pictures that go along with fireworks at a wedding

So there you have it. New Year's Eve weddings are awesome, and any bride looking for something, festive, different and fun should consider it for the big day! I actually think I've almost convinced myself to have a New Year's Eve wedding... too bad most of my deposits are made and non-refundable!

Would you have a New Year's Eve wedding? Or as a guest, would you want to go to one? Let us know in the comments!