Our top 20 wedding blog posts of 2014
by Stephanie

Photo by  Kaitie Bryant

Photo by Kaitie Bryant

This year is almost at a close, but that doesn't mean what's old is forgotten! This was the best year ever for our little blog (thanks to readers like you!), and so I think it's as good a time as any to look back on some of the posts that our brides loved reading. From fun style ideas to important and helpful wedding planning advice, we've put it all in this handy reading list for you to bring into 2015.

Read on for the 20 best wedding blog posts from Wedding Party in 2014!


1.45 long sleeved wedding dresses for fall & winter brides

Read if: Jaw droppingly gorgeous long sleeved wedding dresses are your jam.

2.20 stylish wedding guest looks we're Pinning right now

Read if: You need some inspiration for what to wear to your next wedding.

3.6 hot bridesmaid trends to consider for your wedding day

Read if: You're still haven't found the perfect look for your bridesmaids (even if you've spent hours and hours on Pinterest)

4.2014 suit trends for modern day grooms and groomsmen

Read if: You love men's style and want your man to look his very best on the big day.

5.4 easy DIY wedding hair ideas for brides and bridesmaids

Read if: You want a super chic wedding hairstyle that's not only gorgeous, but totally easy to achieve without a hair stylist.

Inspiration & unique ideas:

6.The 20 most romantic wedding photos

Read if: You're ready to swoon over tons and tons of romantic wedding photos.

7.10 unique wedding photo poses & ideas for your big day

Read if: Your big day is coming up and you need some ideas on cute photo poses

8.Chic bridal shower themes every bride will love

Read if: You're a bridesmaid planning a bridal shower, and don't know where to start. Or, if you're a bride trying to drop a hint to your bridesmaids!

9. 10 cool wedding ideas for summer

Read if: You want a touch of whimsy and unique ideas at your big day to entertain your guests.

10.Creative & fun wedding bar ideas for your reception

Read if: You love food and want to get creative in the food department (and share it with your guests, too!)

11.Unconventional but totally awesome wedding ideas

Read if: You're looking for a wedding celebration like no other, and need inspiration on cool elements to incorporate.

12.10 totally awesome wedding trends you need to know about

Read if: You're looking for yet another great, unique idea to help add some more character to your big day.


Photo by  Kaitie Bryant

Photo by Kaitie Bryant

13.5 tips for choosing your wedding theme from a real bride

Read if: You just can't figure out what type of wedding theme would go best for your big day.

14. Shopping for a wedding dress: everything you need to know

Read if: You're about to go shopping for a wedding dress and want to be prepared for it!

15.Wedding reception seating arrangements: pros & cons for every layout

Read if: You're trying to figure out those tricky wedding reception layouts and need ideas on what your tables should look like.

16.Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Read if: You're about to hire your wedding photographer and want to make sure you have all your bases covered before signing a contract.

17. 23 questions to ask your wedding venue

Read if: You're about to book your wedding venue and (again) want to make sure you're not missing a glaring piece of info before crossing your t's and dotting your i's!

18.How to choose your bridesmaids: a handy point system for brides

Read if: You're having difficulty deciding who of your girlfriends and family members make the cut.

19.10 best shopping resources to buy DIY wedding supplies

Read if: You're an aspiring DIY bride and want to know where you can get the bargains for your wedding DIY supplies.

20.Top 10 DOs & DON'Ts of wedding planning

Read if: You're just starting to plan your wedding and need an overall picture of what good (and not so good) ideas for your wedding are.