Unique registry gift ideas for brides & grooms in 2015
by Stephanie

Photo by  Marisa Holmes

Photo by Marisa Holmes

Part of getting married involves getting showered with gifts -- whether you like it or not! Your guests not only are excited to celebrate with you, but they also want to get you something meaningful that you'll be able to use in your marriage. In ye olde days, a wedding registry meant things for your home: stocking your kitchen with dish ware, appliances, and other home-making goods. But those days are past -- and it's time to embrace unique registry gift ideas.

That's where modern registries come in! With services like Simple Registry or Zola coming into the mix, couples nowadays can register for anything. Honeymoon activities, down payments on houses -- even date nights and experiences aren't off limits! If you're looking for something more offbeat and fun to include in your registry, make sure to check out these unique registry gift ideas!

1. Plated or Blue Apron

If you or your new spouse aren't great cooks, that doesn't mean you can't eat well in your first months of marriage! Getting a service like Plated or Blue Apron is a great way to start cooking together and feeling more comfortable with your kitchen skills. They deliver fresh ingredients for dinner a few times a week, so you and your partner can make amazing dishes without the hassle of buying groceries and looking up recipes!


2. Date ideas night ideas & activities

Just because you're married, doesn't mean date night is over! You can look around at the activities and classes offered in your city -- everything from art classes to cooking classes or wine tastings -- and add them to your registry. Love the idea but not sure where to look? Groupon or Sosh often have cool deals or tickets for activities in cities. Check it out in your hometown!


3. A fun subscription box -- coffee, beer, beauty, you choose.

What's better than getting a gift in the mail? Not much, in my opinion! If you or your spouse is a junkie for anything -- beauty, coffee, beer, gourmet foods -- changes are you can get a subscription box for it. Putting a subscription box on your registry can be a great way to discover more of what you love, with minimal effort every month!

Photo by  Bean Box

Photo by Bean Box


4. Pamper yourself with spa treatments or massages

Weddings are stressful. So why not treat yourself after the wedding is over and get spa treatments or massages for you and your new spouse? Guests will want you to feel great after your wedding, and some may love the opportunity to help you guys feel pampered after the big day.


5. Wine to build a wine collection

As a self-proclaimed wino, I personally love the idea of asking your guests for a simple bottle of their favorite wine. Every bottle of wine you collect can go towards your home wine collection, which is a great way for wine lovers to get started creating their own cellar.

Photo by  Taylor Lord

Photo by Taylor Lord


6. Prepare for summer fun

Now that you're married, you'll want to have FUN together on your days off. Make the most of the weekends by putting grown-up toys (no, not that kind) on the registry. Bikes, picnic baskets or grilling items are great registry items that you'll use again and again.

Photo by  Ryan Ray

Photo by Ryan Ray


7. Cleaning services

The key to an incredibly happy marriage? Well, communication for one. But depending on your relationship, having a cleaning service might not hurt, too! Make the first few months of settling into your new home seamless by adding a cleaning service to your registry.

Photo by  Clean Mama

Photo by Clean Mama


8. Fitness classes or a gym membership

After the last glass of champagne is finished and the honeymoon is over, it's back to day to day life. When jumping back into your routine, finding time to work out can be hard. Adding a fitness classes or gym membership to your registry is a great way for guests to feel like they'll make a real impact in keeping you happy and healthy after the wedding is over!

Photo by  Lululemon

Photo by Lululemon

Well brides and grooms, what do you think? I know these ideas are less than traditional and might not work if you haven't registered for a more flexible "everything" registry. And some guests will certainly not understand why you've put these things on your registry, especially if they're a little more traditional. But I know that as a frequent wedding guest, I'd love to get my friends one of these things that are a little more special and thoughtful than a gravy boat.

How did you pick your registry items? Let us know in the comments!