9 Fun Valentine's Day Date Ideas That Won't Break the Bank
by Biana Perez

Valentine's Day has gotten a bad reputation as of late, and I think it might be due in large part of the industry trying to capitalize on it!! I like to remember Valentine's Day for the fun time in elementary school where you'd get to share a cute card with your secret crush.  Long gone are the days of writing a sweet "Roses are Red" poem to your love, but now we worry about finding the perfect Hallmark card and over the top gift to say it for us (not that there's anything wrong with that!), instead of writing it in our own words.

I'm hoping to bring back those early years with a little simplicity this year and make some good memories with your loved one instead of waiting for someone else to make the memory for you! There are so many fun ways to enjoy the day and night without having to break the bank or worry about fancy gifts for one another! Plus, you're going to need some important time away from wedding planning together in the coming months. Below are some fun Valentine's Day date ideas to keep the day new and exciting!

Photo by  Caroline Tran

Photo by Caroline Tran


1. Want a classic dinner date?

If you really have your heart set on going out to dinner, try heading out the night before or day after so that you're not locked into a prix fixe menu (and you don't have to battle the crowds!).

2. Cooking together

More often than not you can whip up a restaurant quality meal at home so enjoy your time cooking dinner together and then treat yourselves and go out for dessert.


3. A night out (literally)

If you live somewhere that you can enjoy the weather outside,  pack a dessert and hot chocolate or wine and head for a night under the stars. A little too cold for you? No worries there — go to a local skating rink and relive some of those childhood memories you had with couple skates, this time with someone you weren't forced to skate with!


4. Valentine's Day Brunch

Since Valentines Day is on a Saturday this year, try a romantic brunch is just as much fun as a dinner. An added bonus: it's a little easier on the wallet.

5. Game night

Have a game night with your honey. A little healthy competition is always fun and the winner can make their own stakes (foot massage anyone?!)


6. Wine tasting

Wine tastings are fun, and planning one for Valentine's Day is pretty much built-in romance!! Check GiltCity, Groupon or Living Social for local deals, and then make sure to book ahead for the day of!!

7. A "love" of the arts

Find a museum or local gallery that has a "love-themed" exhibit and check it out


8. V-day bar crawl

Do a mini bar crawl with your honey, and at each location toast to something you want to do together in the coming year.

9. Fondue for two

Going out for fondue can often be expensive and really time consuming. Skip the extra step of heading to the restaurant and make fondue at home!!

Sometimes you want to get fancy and have a night out on the town so if you have your heart set on a romantic dinner at a restaurant, plan ahead and try to get reservations now! What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day date ideas? Do you have any plans yet?


Biana Perez is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. Read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter!