10 Reasons why a Valentine's day wedding is an awesome idea
by Lauren Sinton

With Valentine's day right around the corner, and on a Saturday, it is hard not to fantasize about a gorgeous love filled wedding day! Really there is no better way to celebrate your love and love in general, than by marrying the love of your life on valentines day! Another amazing perk is that it will bring together all the people you love, and none of your friends will be sitting at home lonely.

I mean what is Valentine's day all about, if not love, friends, family and marriage? If you ask me I can't think of a better way to celebrate the day of love than with a wedding!

Read on to see our 10 favorite reasons to marry your soulmate on Valentine's day!

1. All your friends and family (single and taken) get to spend the day dancing and celebrating:

Seriously, no one wants to spend Valentine's day alone, and if you are getting married then your closest friends won't have to! Who knows maybe they will meet their someone special too!


2. Heart shaped decorations!

Heart shaped decorations are the most fun way to celebrate valentines day, and weddings! So you can really go crazy when you combine the two together!


3. For hopeless romantics you can have a love themed wedding:

A love themed wedding is perfect for hopeless romantics, and the perfect reason to have a Valentine's day wedding.

Photo by  Sweet Living

Photo by Sweet Living


4. Kissed by cupid themed wedding!

A cupid themed wedding is oh so cute! Plus if you feel like you love was destined it is the perfect way to celebrate.


5. Forgetful grooms will LOVE that their anniversary is easy to remember:

I mean come on, a two in one anniversary will be so much fun, and your man will be happy it's a day he can remember.


6.  Three words: Red velvet cake

A red velvet cake would be the perfect choice for Valentines day! It's just a plus that is happens to be so delicious!

Photo by  Michelle March


7. Sickly sweet and adorable wedding favors:

These heart shaped s'more wedding favors are SO cute, and would be perfect for a Valentine's day wedding!


8. Amazing color scheme options: Red, blush, pink, gold, ruby, and any other color that screams romance.

Red, blush and pink are some of the prettiest wedding colors, and would lend to the perfect Valentines day wedding!

Photo by   Kina Wicks

Photo by Kina Wicks


9. You can play up your love story:

If you feel like your love story is one for the history books then it is perfect for a Valentine's day wedding!

Photo by  Pezz Photo

Photo by Pezz Photo


10. Marrying your soulmate is the best possible way to celebrate a day dedicated to love:

I really can't think of any better and more perfect way to spend Valentine's day than by marrying your soulmate. It doesn't get more perfect than that!

Beautiful bride and groom.
Beautiful bride and groom.

Well brides-to-be do you agree? Is a Valentine's day wedding about as perfect as can be? Let us know what you think in the comments! We would love to hear from you.


 Lauren Sinton is a recent graduate from UC Davis  with a degree in English and an emphasis in Creative  Writing. She is a prolific poet and loves absolutely  everything about writing and reading poetry. She has  also been planning her own wedding since she was in  the 2nd grade, which is now finally coming in handy  since she is recently engaged.