The 10 most epic proposal videos of all time
by Lauren Sinton

Photo by  Stacey Reeves

Photo by Stacey Reeves

Every girl dreams about their marriage proposal. We dream endlessly about the day that our soulmate will get down on one knee and ask us for eternity! Not only do we hope for an incredibly special moment, there are many of us who wish for a video so incredibly special that it goes viral. I mean come on, who doesn't at least a little bit, hope for a proposal video that goes viral and then brings tears to the eyes of millions? Obviously the most important part is that your soulmate wants to spend the rest of their life with you, the viral video part would just be an added bonus.

Well, I scoured the internet and found the 10 most epic proposal videos ever. Some of these will melt your heart, while others will make you laugh! Though the one thing they all have in common is that they are absolutely amazing! Read on to see our favorite 10 epic proposal videos of all time!

1. A Super mario themed marriage proposal:

This guy turned his living room into a living version of Super Mario! You won't be able to guess what his soon fiancé had to do to get the ring!


2. A graffiti time lapse proposal:

This time lapse graffiti proposal is way too cool, and definitely a perfect choice for an artsy bride to be! Love the creativity with this one.


3. A 3 part fake out proposal:

For people with nosey partners a fake out is always a good choice, because once you finally get down on one knee your soon to be fiancé will be way too happy! Just like this girl was when her man finally proposed!


4. The in descent proposal:

I have to be honest, I am surprised my fiancé didn't pull something like this with me.  It is kind of mean, but ultimately very adorable and sweet.


5.  A wakeboarding proposal:

Proposing while wakeboarding clearly takes coordination, but if it's something you can do, it definitely turns out way too cute.


6. The public transportation proposal:

This singing public transportation proposal is the sweetest and definitely took this bride to be by surprise!


7. The falling for you proposal:

This is one of those adorable yet mean proposals, but if you are marrying a jokester it just might be the way to go!


8. The meme proposal:

For someone who is internet obsessed and wants a sweet way to propose, this is way too cute, and funny at the same time!


9. The Lovabull Proposal:

This is the perfect proposal for a girl who likes to put on a show! I would have to say her man absolutely nailed it!


10. The movie theatre proposal:

This definitely seems like a very involved way to propose, but the payout is totally worth it! If you are willing to put in the effort then definitely go for it!


So proposal aficionado's what do you think? Are these just some of the best, and sweetest proposals you have ever seen? Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorite!


 Lauren Sinton is a recent graduate from UC Davis  with a degree in English and an emphasis in Creative  Writing. She is a prolific poet and loves absolutely  everything about writing and reading poetry. She has  also been planning her own wedding since she was in  the 2nd grade, which is now finally coming in handy  since she is recently engaged.