How to pick wedding colors & 4 hot color palettes for spring!
by Emily Westbrooks

When it came time to pick my wedding colors, I was completely stumped. I loved all of them. Every inspiration image I saw was exactly what I wanted right that minute. They were all so beautiful, how could I possibly decide? I wish I'd seen an article with tips for honing in on a color palette for our wedding, so we've put together just that!

If you're feeling paralyzed by too many choices, or just can't figure out how to choose complimentary colors that make your main color choice pop, here are a few tips about how to pick wedding colors to get you started. And of course, we couldn't leave you without giving you some hints for the top spring trends as well!

1. Consider the season

First things first, consider the season you're planning to be married in. This will dictate a lot of decisions for you, like what flowers are in season and what material your groom's suit will be. You can obviously make almost anything happen for your wedding day, no matter the season, but these are some practical considerations. You wouldn't want your groom sweating away in tweed in the dead of summer!

Likewise, consider the season when you're choosing a color palette. If you're having a winter wedding, consider cooler or deeper tones, like pale blues or deep burgundy. Or stick with with a color palette that will work no matter the season, like white with lots of greens. See below for a little inspiration in that direction!

2. Take cues from your venue

Have a walk around your venue, if possible during the same season when you'll get married, and take in the colors you see. If you can't physically walk around it, try to find photos where you can see what is in bloom around your venue or what colors you might pick up on for your wedding palette. If your venue is surrounded by blooming hibiscus, take a cue from those tones and choose warm colors. If your venue happens to have giant gardens of blue hydrangea, go with cooler tones to play off the surrounding colors.

The same goes for the inside of the venue. We had friends who were getting married in an old French chateau. The bride was having a hard time coming up with a color scheme that wouldn't compete with the coral walls and warm wood tones. Solution? Ivory and gold flowers and decor that didn't compete with the strong wall color.

3. Go back to your favorite

Photo by  Athena Pelton

Photo by Athena Pelton

If you're finding yourself paralyzed by too many choices for your wedding color palette, go back to your favorite color. Forever and always, green has been my favorite color, and if I could have found a relatively attractive bridesmaid dress in a pale green shade, choosing wedding colors would have been simple! Unfortunately, there wasn't a green dress to be found at the time and for the sake of my bridesmaids, I ended up with a relatively likeable pink shade. We reverted to what would work seasonally, since our venue (and my parents' garden) had big fat white hydrangeas blooming at the time of our wedding, we landed on white with pink accents. But when I marry my husband again, I'll be going for green!

4. When in doubt, Pinterest

Another tactic altogether is to lean hard on Pinterest. Find a few inspiration images you love (like any of our gorgeous spring trends below!) and stick with one. You're looking for three or four colors that don't compete too much with each other, that you can sprinkle around your wedding decor. And as you'll see below, if you're choosing a more monochromatic color palette, add in different shades or textures to bring the palette together.

Photo by  Best Photography


Color palettes we're loving for spring

Photo by  1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

Photo by 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

1. White, cheery yellow, and blush pink

2. Light pink, deep green and pops of orange

Photo by  1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

Photo by 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

3. Lilac, peach and soft green

Photo by  1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

Photo by 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

4. Shades of green, off white and natural textures

Photo by  1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6

Photo by 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Well brides, which of these wedding color palette are you considering for your big day? Let us know in the comments!