Will you be my groomsman ideas: 10 Manly Ways to "POP" the question to your Groomsman
by Jen Carreiro

10 Manly ways to "Pop" the question to the groomsmen
10 Manly ways to "Pop" the question to the groomsmen

Hey Wedding Party readers, it's Jen from Something Turquoise and today we are talking about groomsmen! I love the trend of the "ask gift". Your groomsmen (and bridesmaids!) end up doing so much for you during your wedding planning journey, that the least you can do is give them a unique gift and ask them to be in your bridal party in a way that shows how much you care. From buying outfits, attending multiple events, possibly taking days off work, making speeches, getting along with the rest of your friends and maybe even having to dance with Aunt Sally - seriously your bridal party deserves this and more.

Alcohol. Cigars. Beef Jerky. Beers. Lighters. Nuts. Handkerchiefs. Socks. All very manly things, but for some reason guys aren't into "popping" the question to their besties quite like we are. You would think that any dude would be fired up to receive a box packed full of guy-stuff like this, so why don't they do it more? Maybe groom's across the country are a tad embarrassed to give a fully styled gift to all the guys in his life? Obviously some guys would be totally into it, but from what I've heard (and experienced) it can be like pulling teeth to get them to commit and deliver. Maybe we just have to show our guys how rad a "Will You Be My Groomsman" gift can be?

I've rounded-up my favorite 10 will you be my groomsman ideas for this trend, some are DIY, some you can buy and some include a little of both - hopefully you will find and idea here that will tickle your grooms fancy!

1. DIY - Groomsman Tin Box

Photo by  Best Day Ever

Photo by Best Day Ever

DIY Tutorial and Free Printables from: Best Day Ever

Cost: ~ $40 per box

The "Bridesmaid Box" is such a HUGE trend, so it makes sense that us gals would try to make something similar for the guys. This version is presented in a cool old-looking tin box and rewraps all the items with specialized labels, which can be downloaded for free using the link above from Best Day Ever. They recommend adding socks, alcohol, a cigar, matches, and rad chewing gum. The great thing is you can print the labels on any color paper to perfectly match your event. So if you have a hipster groom who appreciates custom work this is a great idea for him and his men.

2. DIY - Groomsman Cigar Box + Whiskey Glass

Image + Idea from: Stuck With Pins

Cost: ~ $20 each

For the cigar obsessed groom. A lighter version of the project above would be this individual cigar box and whiskey glass gift. Add your choice of cigar, a fun tag, spring of pine and place inside of an old school whisky glass. This idea takes simple and makes it cool. It's a nice gesture that doesn't break the bank. The cost will vary on the price of the cigar box and cigar, could be about $15 each but can range up to $80.

3. DIY - Wood Groomsman Box

Photo by  Jenna Leigh

Photo by Jenna Leigh

Project: Saffron Avenue, Found on: Style Me Pretty

Cost: ~ $20 each

Want to combine the first and the second ideas? This gift box is actually a large cigar box, fill with important information about your wedding, a few different cigars, mini-alcohol and anything else that will fit. Again the price on this box has a large range depending on the box and contents that you buy. This project would fit the groom who loves working with wood as you'll need to stain the box and paint each guys name on the front. It might take a little extra time but would make a terrific keepsake catchall for the men, your groom might even want his own!

4. DIY - Groomsman Lunch Box

DIY Project and Free Printables from: Something Turquoise

Cost: ~ $50 each

This happens to be my favorite idea but that's only because I designed it! Piggy-backing on the idea of a "groomsman gift box" this box is actually just a regular tin lunch box ($12) and the free design printable is printed on magnet paper -- meaning that the label sticks to the box and can be removed easily so the lunch box can actually be used. Fill with snack, drink and fun custom items like a lighter, groom socks and maybe even a hangover kit! This entire gift is more on the expensive end but again, you can fill it with anything you'd like.

5. DIY + BUY - Printable Bottle Hang Tags

Photo by  Lia Griffith

Photo by Lia Griffith

DIY Project and Editable Labels for sale from: Lia Griffith

Cost: $10 + the cost of the alcohol

Simple, to the point and cost effective - I love these chalkboard style designs. Purchase full size bottles of each attendants favorite liquor at Costco or Trader Joe's to save the most cash. Lia Griffith shares editable downloads of both designs for $10 through her Etsy shop that can be printed on regular white cardstock, you then cut along the lines and hang! Every guy will be fired up to get the full size bottle and not a mini.

6. Buy - Simple 'Will You Be My Groomsman' Card

Photo by  Harvest Co.  via Etsy

Photo by Harvest Co. via Etsy

Image + Item for sale from: Harvest Co. via Etsy

Cost: $4 each

Simple and Classic. Let's say your guy isn't up for gifts - how about this rad card? Have the guys over for beers + sports and hand them out so the guys can all meet each other and talk about the wedding for just a bit, maybe during a commercials. Or just drop them in the mail. Either way the simplicity of the design should appeal to almost every single man.

7. Buy + DIY - Custom Groomsman Cigar Labels + Card

Photo by  Creative With a K  via Etsy

Photo by Creative With a K via Etsy

Image + Item for sale from: Creative With a K via Etsy

Cost: $11 each +  cigar

How awesome are these? Not quite gift boxes but a little more effort than a simple card, these cigar gift cards are . They can be customized to fit your wedding color scheme and they even come with the adorable cigar labels! Once they arrive add the labels to your choice of cigar and wrap with twine. If you love these, you'll love the designs that Creative With a K has for the girls cards! Maybe even throw a coed bridal "party" so everyone can meet and start the celebration!

8. Buy + DIY - Custom Groomsman Fireball Labels

Photo by  Studio B Labels  via Etsy

Photo by Studio B Labels via Etsy

Image + Item for sale from: Studio B Labels via Etsy

Cost: $5 each + alcohol

That bottles on fire!!! Are your guys a fan of this popular cinnamon whiskey? Studio B Labels will make a completely custom label for each guy and then you just slap it on the bottle. Not a fan of Fireball? They also sell custom labels for Jack, Patrone, Wine, Beer and regular Whiskey. If your groom is a connoisseur of hard alcohol they will love these custom knock-off label designs, they look so cool they guys will most likely have to take a second look!

9. Buy - Custom Groomsman Coasters

Photo by  Frankie's Girl  via Etsy

Photo by Frankie's Girl via Etsy

Image + Item for sale from: Frankie's Girl via Etsy

Cost: $9 each

Ask the guys on the sly... invite them over for drinks, slip a coaster underneath and surprise! Ok, maybe that's not a manly idea but I just love these coasters! Help a brother out... Only good times promised, Drinks on me if you say Yes! So awesome! If your groom has his own "home bar" this might be the perfect way to pop the question to his favorite dudes, they would even make a terrific addition to any of the groomsman boxes!

10. Buy - Custom Groomsman Cigar Box

Photo by  Decadent Designs  via Etsy

Photo by Decadent Designs via Etsy

Image + Item for sale from: Decadent Designs via Etsy

Cost: $15 each

So just in case you love the idea of the groomsman box but don't want to DIY, these laser engraved cigar boxes from Decadent Designs are killer - so are all the other designs they have for sale in their shop! Have them custom designed to fit your event and wow your gents by filling with some manly items. Even if the guys don't act like they are overwhelmed by the gesture, they'll appreciate it on the inside.

So... are you going to be the one to choose how your groom will ask his men, or will you let him choose? It's safe to say that if you let him at least choose from this list, you'll be happy too!

*Bonus Idea! If your manly man isn't game for "popping" the question to his gents, maybe he'll let you make these killer Let's Get Hammered, DIY Bachelor Party Invites for him! All you need is cheap hammers and a Sharpie!

Image and DIY Tutorial: Something Turquoise


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