15 Awesome Ideas For A Unique Spring Wedding
by Jen Carreiro

Photo by  Tikkido

Photo by Tikkido

Hi Wedding Party readers, it's Jen from Something Turquoise back again! I'm usually here sharing the hottest DIY wedding trends with you but this post is a tad different as in some ideas are DIY-able, some ideas can be bought and some that you and your wedding planner/florist can recreate to fit your unique event.

Spring is just around the corner and it's such a wonderful time of the year for weddings. The season itself boasts feelings of rebirth, renewal, growth, and excitement the way that no other season does. It's a special time of saying goodbye to winter, welcoming the sun and warmer weather, seeing flora and fauna of all kind sprout and come to life -- it's such a treat. The weather is always nice, not too hot and not too cold, pretty clear skies and wonderful smells of fresh nature make the spring an amazing backdrop for weddings. So without further ado, here are 15 awesome and unique spring wedding ideas!

1. Flower + Moss Wall

This insanely amazing flower and moss wall is my #1 favorite idea for a spring wedding. If you have a radical green thumb you might be able to DIY this masterpiece, otherwise leave it to the pros. It would make the perfect ceremony backdrop that could then be transitioned into a photo booth or cake table backdrop at your reception. Something this gorgeous would have to be utilized the entire day.

2. DIY Watering Can Planters

Spring is synonymous with rebirth and growth so tin watering cans are an ideal decor element. Simply fill with water and add tons of bright flowers. You can even paint them if you don't like the tin color, like the pink one above. Some vintage watering cans will have holes in them and won't actually hold water so you can add a simple plastic vase inside each to hold the water for the flowers. Place around your ceremony and then appoint a few groomsmen to transport them to your reception so that you get double use out of these large focal decor pieces.

3. Flower Ring Shot

Don't forget to take an awesome picture of your wedding ring with something that screams spring like this tulip. Make sure that there is a single flower stem available for your photographer to catch this sweet shot.

4. Potted Table Numbers

Love these potted table numbers! Have a calligrapher create beautiful table numbers for you and then simply add to potted succulents. These terra cotta posts where first spray painted gold and then planted. The great thing about these is they will blend well with almost any centerpiece and you can plant them weeks in advance! You could even invite certain guests to take them home as they will live for a very long time on an extremely low amount of water.

5. DIY Seed Paper Save the Dates

I actually created these adorable DIY "seed paper" Save the Dates for DIY Network, along with an entire gallery of unique save the date and engagement announcement ideas last year. Design your own simple Save the Date and then print onto this killer (and super green) seed paper - it goes through any home inkjet printer! Purchase your paper from Botanical Paperworks that has herb or wild flower seed paper available in many different colors. Then your guests can plant the paper itself and flowers should be blooming by the time you say I DO!

6. Seed Packet Favors

This idea piggy-backs on the "seed" theme above. Planting a garden is one of the best parts of spring so why not hand out fun favors in the form of these darling vintage looking seed packets? This wheel barrel display is simple and awesome but you could also do this with different size/colored pots on a table or maybe even flower boxes! A very inexpensive gift that will have a really fun impact at your event.

7. Butterflies For Your Bouquet

Fairyfolk Weddings on Etsy sells these lovely long stemmed butterflies that I think every single spring bride should add into her bouquet. From one tiny butterfly that matches the color of your flowers... to carrying an entire bouquet made up entirely of these butterflies would be a lovely springtime touch! I can just see a bouquet packed with these little beauties in pink and neutral shades being an absolute hit!

8. Personalized Kite

Obsessed. If you are having a springtime wedding, how fun would it be to incorporate a personalized kite into your engagement shoot!?! Pink Slip Inspiration on Etsy will make you the most lovely custom kite for any occasion . You could even get a double-use out of it and use it as decor at your wedding. I love flying kites and this custom version with the lace and initials is just so darn cute!

9. Fruit Stand Appetizers

Swooning over this idea!! Set up an adorable farmers market style fruit sand as your appetizers or even favors. Pick up different types of crates at local thrift shops, home stores and crafting warehouses. Add chalkboard signs for each fruit and a pretty hand lettered sign letting your guests know that they can eat or take some to-go. Enjoying delicious fresh fruit is such a treat in the spring, so bring that feeling into your wedding with this idea.

10. Lawn Games

Having fun lawn games out at your cocktail hour and reception is a recent trend that we've seen increase in popularity this past year and I LOVE IT. Giving your guests the opportunity to break the ice, laugh and have a little friendly competition will bond them in the best way. It truly gets everyone socializing quickly and gives them something to do or something to watch. You can get really creative with the games you offer; from cornhole and giant jenga, to lawn checkers, croquet, ladder golf, ring toss and even lawn bowling. Pick the games that you and your fiancé enjoy together and you'll be golden.

11. Flowy Bridesmaid Wrap-dresses

These gorgeous "octopus" wrap dresses from Coralie Beatrix on Etsy are my absolute favorite choice for spring bridesmaids. The multitude of tying options, the silky material and the amazing colors make every bridesmaid look fabulous without even trying. They are extremely comfortable to wear and can easily be worn again, I know because I actually have one. The soft romantic beauty will make each of your gals look like spring goddesses and starting at $99 each, they are a steal!

12. Bunny Cake Topper

Can everyone say... aaawweee!! How adorable are those porcelain bunnies?! The perfect touch for any spring wedding or any couple that calls each other "bunny". This gentle nod to Easter time is just lovely. Totally obsessing over the ruffled ombre wedding cake too!

13. Bright Tulip Bouquets

Add a major pop of color to your spring wedding with these striking color-blocked bouquets. Have each bridesmaid carry a specific solid color and unify the look by using all the same color of long ribbons. Make sure that the dress colors are neutral or even a very light shade of the bouquet being carried. Tulips are a terrific choice for this idea for many reasons the biggest of which being that they come in many different bright shades and are synonymous with spring time.

14. Parasols For Your Bridesmaids

Ditch the bouquets and have your bridesmaids carry parasols instead! ...ok, or have bouquets too. Luna Bazaar sells wonderful paper parasols in almost every shade imaginable and each is only $8 - so you can't go wrong. They make for darling pictures, they can shade your gals from the sun and are a great take home gift. They are so cheap that you can even supply a cute bucket of them for your elderly guests (or at least granny) to keep comfortable if you're having an outdoor event. I just LOVE bridesmaids pics with parasols, don't you?

15. DIY Tin Can Bike Sign Exit

And last but not least, the "tin can bike gettaway". Spring is when you dust off your bike and take it for a spin, enjoying the fresh air and all the new smells of budding nature. So it's fitting that you plan your wedding exit on a bike! But you have to make this tin can garland and "just married" sign to match... good thing I offer the free sign download and all the tips and tricks you'll need to quickly and easily create this darling project all by yourself!


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