Offbeat wedding shoe ideas and how to pull them off
by Maria MacNamara

White wedding shoes might just be a thing of the past. These days, many brides-to-be are looking for that perfect pair to wear long after the last dance, and we're spoiled for choice (no dyeables necessary, ladies)! For my own wedding, I wore the dream pair of Jimmy Choos above for the ceremony and photos and switched to flirty black peep-toes for the reception. (A five-inch heel vs. a four-inch heel made all the difference out on that dance floor). And you know what? Over the years, I've gotten so much wear out of both pairs, they've practically paid for themselves.

Your wedding shoes are the perfect way to show off your personality and hopefully, enjoy for years to come. Here's a little shoe-spiration and wedding shoe ideas for the big day.

1. Something Blue (Or Pink, Purple, and Green)

Why not do your "something blue" in a shoe? From navy to cobalt, incorporate this old tradition in a new way.

Photo by  Mi Amore Photo

Or, wear a pair in one of your wedding colors! I love a pink or yellow shoe peeping out of a beautiful gown. (Bonus points if you can get your groom to wear matching socks!)

Photo by  Fotos by Fola

Photo by Fotos by Fola


2. Metallic Maven

If you prefer to go more neutral, metallics are a pretty choice. The subtle shine will add a little pep to your step down the aisle. And let's face it - metallics never go out of style! You'll be wearing these lovelies for a long time to come.

Photo by  The Nolan's

Photo by The Nolan's


3. New Heights

Who says you have to wear heels on your wedding day? This is your day to do - and wear - exactly what you want, so if heels aren't your thing, there are plenty of great alternatives to choose from. Dainty ballet flats, sporty sneakers, beachy wedges - comfortable can be chic.

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

1. Be practical (to an extent). Getting married on a beach? Stilettos are probably not your best bet here. Think wedges or sandals for sandy terrain. (Bonus? You can wear them on the honeymoon later!) Wearing a lace dress? Shoes with crystals or other embellishment could snag on the delicate material, so satin fabric might be a better option. Keeping these things in mind will help you find the perfect pair for your wedding day.

2. Comfort is everything. If you're not a heels girl, don't try to force it on the big day. There's nothing worse than not being able to walk in a pair of shoes. Talk about cramped toes (and cramped style.) And if you're a veteran of the four-inch heel, here's your excuse to indulge - buy your dream pair for the ceremony and a more comfortable heel with a platform to dance the night away. Pro tip: No matter the heel height, wear your shoes around the house with thick athletic socks a few times before the big day; this will help them stretch out comfortably and prevent rubbing or chafing later. If need be, add gel or padded inserts for extra support.

3. Measure up. You'll want to bring your wedding shoes to each fitting to ensure your gown is hemmed to the correct length. Even an inch can make a difference here, so if you don't have the exact pair you'll be wearing on your big day, bring a stand-in of the same height.

4. Think cost per wear. Date nights, dressy occasions, girls' nights out...If you know you'll wear these shoes again, it's worth spending a little extra or even buying that second pair for the reception. And if they're super comfortable? That's a no-brainer. (It's not a good deal if you only wear them once because they hurt your feet!)

5. Customize! I highly recommend Nina Shoes for the big day; you can choose from a huge variety of colors, metallics, and heel heights, all customizable in your favorite style. Did I mention they're also comfortable and affordable,? Win-win.

Love this handy dandy chart from BHLDN, too:

Photo by  BHLDN

Photo by BHLDN

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