How to save money on wedding stationery: 6 quick tips
by Stephanie

Isn't it funny how wedding stationery can trigger such an automatic "ooooooo pretty!" response from brides, guests and wedding lovers alike? It's like the first preview anyone gets of the couple's big day, and can certainly help heighten the excitement around the couple's wedding day! But when we really get down to things, let's be honest — it's all just paper. Very pretty and significant paper to be sure, but still paper. Once you start to add up all the wedding costs, prioritizing gorgeous wedding stationery can start to feel pretty silly.

(Want a run down of every little piece of stationery for your big day? Read our list here!)

Luckily, it IS possible to get beautiful wedding stationery (think save the dates, invites, programs and more) on a dime. Sure, you won't be getting the custom hand-lettered and watercolor suite that you always envisioned, but you can still find a way to show your personality through your wedding stationery. Read on for more tips on how to save money on wedding stationery!

1. Free fonts are your friend

Downloadable, free fonts are all over the internet — you just need to know where to look! Downloading a free font is an easy way for even the most amateur designers to throw together a simple and pretty save the date or invite.

Need a few ideas to get started? Snippet and Ink has free (and paid) font suggestions for you to check out and download at your leisure!

2. Buy printable wedding stationery

Not quite comfortable with the idea of throwing together your wedding stationery with fonts? Then let the professionals do it for you — all you have to do is press "print"! Downloadable wedding stationery is a great way to have someone else design your paper goods, without having to pay for a marked-up printing cost.

Etsy has tons of printable wedding stationery options, as does Printable Press. See what you find — it might surprise you!

3. Get creative a DIY

Photo by  Allie Ruty  via Etsy

Photo by Allie Ruty via Etsy

Maybe you're comfortable with DIY, but you just need some direction? Then finding a DIY save the date or invitation is a great cost-cutting way to save money on your wedding invites while getting your arts and crafts time in. There's tons of options, you just need to know where to look! Something Turquoise has consistently amazing and affordable DIYs; or, you could buy a custom wedding invite stamp and DIY a stylish suite!

4. When in doubt, don't be a square

Little known fact (until you start looking at wedding invitations, that is) — square stationery costs more to send in the mail. Why? Who knows. I certainly don't. But if you're looking for tricky ways to save, go straight past those square stationery suites. Just keep walking.

5. Consider Postcards

An easy way to save money on your stationery is with postcards for your save the dates, thank-yous, and other smaller stationery needs. Cutting out the envelope might seem like a small cost, but it's the small costs in your wedding budget that can make a big difference!

6. Skip the RSVP cards and opt for online RSVPs

Your guests need to RSVP — and back in ye olde days, that meant couples included an RSVP card with a pre-stamped envelope. However, we live in the modern era and that means it's easy to solve old problems with new technology! You can easily bypass the cost of that extra RSVP card, postage and envelope if you let guests know they can RSVP on your wedding website! How's that for some extra savings?

Well brides, hopefully you have a better idea of how you can cut costs with your wedding stationery. It doesn't take a lot, you just have to know where to look!