4 timeless & chic bachelorette party outfit ideas for the bride
by Aleisha McCormack

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A bachelorette party night/weekend/cruise/day can be anything from a dinner and drinks with friends to a completely mental Hangover-style weekend adventure, with tigers and shaved heads… (actually for the sake of your bridal hairstylist, I really hope not)! Understanding the potential diversity of the day's activities calls for creative outfit options that reflect the adventure and good times ahead.

Before I get into my favourite looks, I’m going to be controversial here. Get ready.

For me, I am at most sexy and ready to have outrageous fun, when I am comfortable. Now I know comfort is rarely on the top of many ladies' lists for a night on the town but bear with me: I’m not suggesting you wear Uggs and stretchy pants! I’m talking about wearing an outfit that fits you well, accentuates all the right bits and doesn't have a risk of nip slip (unless that’s part of your bachelorette plan... and in that case I think you may need to take a step back and perhaps think about the wedding and what you’re doing here). As the bride, all eyes will be on you for the event; so indulge, get creative and revel in the party spirit.

I’m a big believer in investing in quality pieces that are versatile, re-wearable and fun. Hey, if The Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Mid) re-wears her outfits, so can we! This year — 2015 — is the year of the skirt. You read it first here. From flowy to tight, skirts are where it’s at; and there are bachelorette party outfit ideas to suit all shapes and budgets that are perfect for the festivities!

1. Swinging skirts

Celebrate the final year of Mad Men (sob) by embracing your inner Betty Draper. Swinging a-line skirts are flattering and super fun. Worn above the hips they’re great for highlighting your waist and have that ‘I’m ready to party flare’ when you shimmy. If it’s chilly in your neck of the woods, add a sassy pair of stockings and boots to cover your legs; or if you’re lucky enough to be celebrating in the summer, a pair of heels or ballet flats can be banging with this look.

Photo by  Forever Amber

Photo by Forever Amber

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Photo by  Style & Glaze

Photo by Style & Glaze

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2. Leather up

Leather skirts (faux and real) are timeless and HOT. You can’t go wrong.

If you like it short but not tight, then look for a skirt with a bit of movement or some flattering pleats. You can team both options with a colorful camisole or, if it’s cold, a bold jacket… that would absolutely mean business. Positively perfect for those who want the leather look without wearing a super "show-us-what-you’ve-got" mini skirt.

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Photo by  What I Wore

Photo by What I Wore

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3. Texture & pattered paradise

A patterned skirt is a top way to embrace color, texture and bold patterns. They can be a real showstopper and a way to take a risk without a risk… if you know what I mean. You do. I know it.

Photo by  Lovely Pepa

Photo by Lovely Pepa

This type of stylish skirt is a super fabulous party piece that can be worn with a black cami or blouse — or make it daytime-ready with an understated grey tee and flats. No one is missing your bachelorette party outfit in this sort of stunner.

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Get the look: Shopbop

4. Sequins

No Dance Moms outfits here. Nothing says LET’S PARTY like sequins, but if you are hesitant or fearful that a dress you may look like a disco ball (I promise you won’t), ease into it by adding a touch of sparkle to your outfit, like a jacket or some snazzy sparkly trousers or skirt.

Get the look: Shopbop

Get the look: Nordstrom

Remember, if your friend’s plans involve dressing you in a silly outfit or accessories, embrace it… as long as it has a crotch. They want it to be unforgettable, but remember you are an autonomous being, so if you don’t feel comfortable doing something, speak up! Enjoy the surprises and don’t give in to temptation and probe your friends for details of the event — it will only spoil the plans and the overall effect of what your girlies have in store for you.

Last but not least? Look fabulous and most importantly FEEL fabulous. It’s your night/day/year to shine!

Aleisha McCormack
Aleisha McCormack

Aleisha McCormack is a comedian, author of the wedding planning guide Smart Wedding and Host of the #1 Podcast about all things wedding-y, Save The Date. Two shows per week, bringing wedding experts, advice and trends straight to your ears! Visit her blog, follow her on Twitter, and subscribe and download the bi-weekly podcast for free here.