Unique bridesmaid style ideas to make your bridal party stand out on your big day
by Emily Westbrooks

My sister is in the midst of planning her wedding - a Valentine's Day engagement and an August 2015 wedding! She's brave for taking on such a short engagement, but she does have a wedding writer as a maid of honor! So it's with a real wedding on my mind that I take on the topic of bridesmaids and how to make sure they are as beautiful as you are on your wedding day.

Now, we've all heard the horror stories of bridezillas who want their bridesmaids to look terrible so they look better in comparison. I think it's safe to say our lovely Wedding Party readers aren't the type to pull that type of shenanigan, and let's be honest... It won't work anyway! The no-fail way to look amazing on your wedding day? Make sure everyone in your bridal party looks their best. Polished, happy bridesmaids will make you look good!

We've rounded up the best unique bridesmaid style ideas and looks to help your bridal party look amazing on the wedding day.

Choose Unique Bouquets

Photo by  Studio DIY

Photo by Studio DIY

How great would these giant paper flowers be as bridesmaid bouquets? Perfect for a summertime garden wedding. You could also choose to have your maids carry single flower bouquets, like big puffs of baby's breath or a posey of tulips. That way your bridesmaid's bouquets will stand out and yours will as well for being just a little different from theirs.

Give them a range of hairstyle choices

Photo by  Tec Petaja  via  ModWedding

Photo by Tec Petaja via ModWedding

If you don't want to let your bridesmaids choose their hairstyles altogether, you can choose a few options that all go well together so they feel like they have a little choice in the matter. We love the trend of more natural hairstyles, like beachy waves with a few braids, or loose updos that suit a range of face shapes. These three updos are slightly different, but are just similar enough to look lovely together.

Let them choose their dress style

Photo by  Stacey Hedman  via  Ruffled

Photo by Stacey Hedman via Ruffled

We love the idea of letting your bridesmaids choose their own dress styles from a suite of options or within the same color palette. It's a trend that has been growing in popularity over the last few years and means your maids can choose a style of dress that suits their body shape. It's unlikely that all of your bridesmaids will be exactly the same shape, and forcing a dress style on a girl for whom it just doesn't suit is a surefire way to make her uncomfortable.

Add accessories

Photo by  Nadia Meli  via  Ruffled

Photo by Nadia Meli via Ruffled

Adding accessories like a statement necklace or bracelet can add a lot to a standard, simple bridesmaid dress, instantly elevating your bridesmaids to fashionistas. Layer a few necklaces to add texture or go with a strong color to make neutral dresses pop.

Choose Different Dresses


Emily Westbrooks is an American-born writer and blogger based in Dublin, Ireland. She is the Online Editor for Confetti Magazine, one of Ireland's top bridal magazines. She also writes her own lifestyle blog, From China Village, where she chronicles her adventures in Dublin, travels around Europe, DIY projects and Irish design. She shares her home with her husband, one cat, and four sassy chickens!